Monday, July 27, 2015

Superintendent of Ed Candidate Townsend Meet and Greet

Many agree the most important race we will vote on in August is for Superintendent of Education. Long-time Superintendent, Dr. Lynn Weathersby, is not running for reelection. Three candidates qualified for the position, Bobby Franklin, Sue Townsend, and Richard Morrison.  This election has garnered much scrutiny in the media, breakfast booths, and dinner tables across the County. The Clarion Ledger recently ran two spots dedicated to this race, the first was an article by Kate Royals that briefly highlighted the three candidates.  The second was an editorial blog post by Executive Editor, Sam Hall, who I detect is not enamored with Dr. Weathersby.

You have an opportunity to meet one of the candidates this evening at Soulshine in Flowood. Dr. Sue Townsend will be at Soulshine at 6 p.m. There will be free appetizers and drinks at this meet and greet.


Anonymous said...

I would pay a quarter to know the reason Weathersby gave for running. Still, Sam did a nice job of insinuating it was god-awful while not spilling the beans.

What assurance do we have that Townsend will clean house if she wins?

Anonymous said...

That is a good question. We can be sure, however, that Morrison - while his latest word is "change" will change nothing. His biggest campaign supporters are those whose jobs were assured by their family members.

Anonymous said...

7.25 You don't know what you are talking about. I guess you have to make statements like that because his experience and qualifications
are by far superior to the other candidates combined. RCSD is the third largest school district in the state. Morrison has years of experience at EVERY level. Its critical we have an experienced, successful superintendent. Something else, RCSD happens to have a very good rating. Regardless of what you think about Weathersby, there are good capable people working there. So you want to clean house and start with all inexperienced people. That's brilliant!
Granted there are changes that need to be made and who knows better than Morrison who is there now. Go ahead and compare credentials and if you let facts tell the tale, Richard is the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

Sue Townsend has experience at every level as well, with the exception of Weathersby's right hand. I actually "know" far more than you imagine. I do work at the district - and I post under anonymous as I don't want to be "reassigned". There are many of us that are sick of "so and so's " daughter or son in law or relative coming in in administrative positions that had far more qualified candidates in line for. We have LOST good people do to this REDICULOUS practice. I'm sure Mr. Morrison is a nice man who means well. However, I don't think for a second he will do anything to reverse or stop these practices.