Thursday, July 16, 2015

The 2001 Flag Referendum Vote in Rankin County

The debate renewed recently over the presence of the confederate stars and bars, which is incorporated in the canton of the Mississippi State Flag. When asked, the Governor stated the 2001 state-wide referendum vote should control any present decision on the flag. While reviewing old election results in Rankin County, I happened upon the data from that vote and found it interesting.  

In 2001, 34,053 people in Rankin County voted on the flag referendum.  Of that total, 25,311, or 74.62% of voters elected to maintain the state flag.  Only 8,609 voted to change it to the commission's proposed design.  Statewide, the percentage to keep the state flag was 64%.

Only the South Pearson, Whitfield and Mullins precincts had a majority of voters seek to change the flag. 

If you are interested in the data, check out the precinct results here.

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the Mississippi Flag "offends" some and gives them a race hate platform. The General public has been caused by the black race haters and others to believe that the Rebel Flag depicted on our flag is a symbol of racial prejudice on the part of white people. The real truth is that of the 15 so-called slave states only 7 left the tyranny of the Federal Government, but the other 8 slave states fought against the Rebels, so how could it have been all about slavery? I'm sorry that the flag offends some, or is being used to oppress white people, but I am tired of being bullied around by the black race haters, the Federal Gov't and the News Media!
There is a lot of mess that offends me, legitimately!