Friday, August 14, 2015

"Blunt Vengeance" Needs Extras

Blunt Vengeance
So, a local production company is filming a scene from the movie "Blunt Vengeance" at the Reservoir Community Center on August 23, and they need extras.  No word on whether Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal will be there to assist.

What is Saint Studios, you may ask?  According to their website:
Saint Studios is a locally owned and operated Mississippi independent film company dedicated to bringing you the very best in moviemaking.
Founded by Curtis Everitt in 2008, Saint Studios tackles a variety of genres when making movies. These include action, comedy, drama, fantasy, heist, horror, mystery, romance, superhero, thriller, and Western to keep the movies fresh for the viewer.
Saint Studios has featured actors such as Jerry Clark (The Maze Runner and Pitch Perfect 2), Jessy Hughes (The Sound and The Fury), Josh Powell (Rumors of War and Dallas Buyers Club), Jeremy Sande (Oblivion and Nashville), and many others.


Anonymous said...

Swales could do the Piano man !

Anonymous said...

I found a copy of a death scene they did.