Monday, August 24, 2015

Homer Burns Endorses Brown

Homer Burns, stalwart community organizer in the Reservoir area, provided his own endorsement in the District 2 Supervisor race this morning.

To the Voters of District 2, Rankin County:

The Supervisor is one of the most important elected officials in our county because his decisions impact our daily lives. A supervisor oversees issues concerning zoning and land usage, drainage, potholes, nuisance property, roads, bridges, and infrastructure, garbage pickup, ambulance service, and mosquito spraying, among others.

There are 410 supervisor districts statewide, and all districts have unique needs. For example, 87% of neighboring District 5, Rankin County residents live in two cities. A part-time supervisor, two mayors, and two sets of aldermen effectively represent them.

In our District 2, 92% of our citizens live in non-incorporated  Rankin County. That 92% has no mayors, no aldermen, and only one supervisor. Our supervisor is the one elected official whose sole job is to represent the citizens of District 2, and our district requires a full-time Supervisor.

Kyle Brown's Advantage of Full Accessibility- 5 days a week, Monday-Friday:

•    Will resign from his current job, if elected, and work for us Monday-Friday, as opposed to the other candidate who will keep his current full-time job and then work for us
•    Will represent us alongside fellow county workers during a regular M-F workweek, in contrast to the opponent who can only commit to part-time hours
•    Will answer his cell phone and respond to your emails to help solve your concerns
•    Will work with homeowner groups to help resolve issues that impact property values and quality of life, i.e. metal storage buildings, billboards, apartments
•    Will work to keep us safe by supporting law enforcement, fire departments, ambulance services, and our judicial system.

In closing, please join me in voting for a person who fully understands the duties, time commitment, and responsibilities of Supervisor.

Vote Tuesday, August 25 for KYLE BROWN- Supervisor, District 2
Rankin County.
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Homer Burns


Governors said...

Why turn a part time job into a full time job. We don't need a full time person who has accomplished very little in his life to be full time doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

District 2 is still trying to recover from the last Brown. Let's try a different direction please.