Monday, August 24, 2015

Derrel Palmer Endorses Cross

Derrel Palmer finished third during the party primary on August 4 for District 2 Supervisor, with a respectable 26.3% of the vote.  Yesterday, he endorsed Daniel Cross for supervisor.

I've intentionally stayed away from endorsing either candidate in the runoff for District 2 Supervisor, but I've decided it's time to go public with my support. While I will always believe the best qualified and hardest working candidate did not make the runoff, I still believe Rankin County needs change. In my opinion a vote for Brown is nothing more than keeping the same thing we've had, old time, good ole boy Rankin County politics. I reached out to ALL segments of our population, from the Tea Party to Eddie Dear's group All Citizens of Mississippi because I firmly believed everyone needs and deserves representation! But, I couldn't beat the "machine" that is Rankin County politics! Without big money and family name, the common person doesn't have a chance.
All that being said, I believe Daniel Cross will best serve the citizens of District 2 and I will support him and help him any way I can.
My Prayers go up for Rankin County and I look forward to whatever God has in store for me next!

A total of 5,640 cast their vote in the GOP primary on August 4 in District 2. Anyone care to guess the total votes tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

I find this commical as the one common theme from both Palmer and Brown was availability during working hours. Looking forward to what the future holds.

Anonymous said...

Preach it Derrell, I too will be supporting Mr. Cross.
Yes, I know the full time versus part time issue that has been raised by the soon to be the former appointee. I think if he just uses his cell phone to work with the board, it will be better than another Brown.

Anonymous said...

A bitter losing candidate, nobody would give him any money or work in his campaign. He could have gotten support from one of those same he mentioned, but he would have had to pay for it, like everyone else does.
He was not from here, and his church is the same one for many. He had lost before he qualified, it was the position he finished was the only question.
Mr. Palmer, power is not granted, it is taken!