Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Election Results (& Thoughts)

Here is what we know:

  -- 28,827 total votes cast in Rankin County this year.  That's down nearly 7,000 from the last State and County-wide election in 2011.

  -- Lt. Governor, Tate Reeves improved by 25.6% of the vote over the last time he had a primary opponent.

  -- Rankin County Republicans resoundingly rejected Madison Mayor, Mary Hawkins-Butler.

  -- When your opponent is an incumbent with football stadiums named after him, no matter how much outside money you throw at him, he's going to be tough to beat.

  -- Swales remains strong.  Has this guy ever lost an election?

  -- No county-wide run-off; David Ruth and Sue Townsend won their respective elections without need for a run-off.  It's a new day at the Rankin County School District.

  -- In District 2, Kyle Brown ekes out 50 more total votes than Daniel Cross.  Those two head into a run off.

  -- In District 4, Steve Gaines brings in 693 more total votes than his next closest competitor, Kenny Miller.  It's not enough to avoid a run-off, however.  Those two tee it up again on August 25th.

  -- Justice Court Judge, John Shirley, is a juggernaut. His opponent, Tommy Whitfield, ran (what I consider) a good campaign, and Shirley still won with 73% of the vote.

What are your thoughts on the elections?


Anonymous said...

There were several Justice Court Judges who were challenged for their positions. I pity those folks who were defeated because their lives may be in for drastic changes.
Ain't politics wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thought Shirley would win, surprised by the %
McCrory also surprised me, didn't see him do anything, campaign wise
Not surprised about Townsend, they worked hard and had Irl Dean in their corner
With Cross piggy-backing on Swales, surprised Kyle led the ticket, in fact Daniel started out in front and continued to lose momentum each week
The radicals who took a good shot at Ray, will be back with vengeance against Brad next year
Did anybody run a better campaign than Steve Gains?

Anonymous said...

I think the person with the best vision for the school district lost by a landslide.

I hope this doesn't mean more infighting within the county. The everybody vs NWR zone spat is getting old. If Townsend won't address the overcrowding here I wonder if Rhodes will fire another shot across the bow?

Anonymous said...

I too was surprised by Kyles strong showing yesterday. I actually thought Cross would win it outright. The final tally leads me to believe that the voters begin to find out more and more about all 3 candidates and resulted in Cross falling probably 20 points.

Anonymous said...

Steve Gaines is a working machine and the County would be lucky to have him in office.

Anonymous said...

I tend to believe Kyle Brown did so well because many people go to vote for the top of the ticket (Governor) and have no idea what's going on in their county. They probably say "Brown" and thought, "That name sounds familiar" and voted for him. Cross needs to point out that a vote for Kyle is a vote for nepotism.

Anonymous said...

As a Morrison supporter, get over it. The campaign is over and let's unite for the sake of our community and children. The vote will not change, maybe your attitude will!

Anonymous said...

Who is the "incumbent with football stadiums named after him"? I haven't been to all the stadiums in the area to read the names.

Anonymous said...

When I hear Kyle Brown, I think Ryan Brown his brother who is the head of the democratic party for central mississippi. I smell a rare White rhino in our midst.

Anonymous said...

They are not that rare, try and have a intelligent conversation with his run-off opponent. That would be rare!

Anonymous said...

9:10 PM

Ray Rogers. Pearl Football stadium.

Anonymous said...

For the majority of his campaign, Steve Gaines and his crew stand at highway right-of-ways holding campaign signs. The Mississippi Department of Transportation restricts this type of action. He's running for Supervisor yet disregards the rules and regulations concerning the District 4 race. I certainly hope the citizens of Rankin County are aware and watching the actions of a so-called "leader." He is not leading by example!