Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gas at $1.85 a Gallon in the Rez Area?

UPDATE:  ** Confirmed by preacher **

At this stage in the game, this post is strictly rumor, but it was substantive enough to publish.  Today, the gas station behind Walgreens on Hugh Ward Boulevard opens. To entice folks to stop by, they are offering gas at an introductory rate of $1.85 a gallon.

If anyone can verify this on their way into work, do so by sending me an email at, and I will update the post.


Anonymous said...

Gas this morning was 1.99 at the Shell Station at the corner of Old Fannin Road and Flowood Dr.

Anonymous said...

For some unknown reason, Flowood has the highest gas prices in the metro area. And the Grants Ferry area tops them all. The Kroger at Grants Ferry is usually 3-5 higher than the Kroger at Dogwood. So when Wal-Mart gas-o-rama on Lakeland Dr. opens, it may put a stop to the overpriced price gouging going on.
ALL gasoline in the metro area comes from Collins, Miss. ALL of it. A tanker transports 8,800 gallons. It cost no more to make a delivery to the Kroger at Grants Ferry than the Kroger in Brandon....yet you pay 10-15 cents a gallon more in Flowood.

Anonymous said...

Commercial real estate rent varies wildly from town to town. I guaranteed you Flowood commercial rent is a lot more than Brandon. That's some of the price difference.

Have you seen prices in off of I-55 from Old Agency in Ridgeland and up to Madison? I'll take Flowood over that. Once again, supply & demand, income levels in the area, etc.

Another is demand. Should businesses aim to charge at little as possible or as much as possible? Supply & demand. Basic economics. There are more spenders in Flowood compared to Brandon.

Except on high schools.

BTW, I can confirm $1.85 at the aforementioned gas station this morning. Didn't occur to me at that time that was a big deal. I expect prices to fall a lot soon based on the price of oil nosediving this summer and the coming end to summer blend gasoline.

Anonymous said...

sub $2 gas was everywhere today. i think i scored 5000 waze points with updates.

Anonymous said...

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Most of your observations are flawed, but in short, that's life.