Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kyle Brown's Answers

Last week, the Rankin County News provided a public service by asking the two candidates for District 2 Supervisor a few questions about their qualifications and intentions in office.  I post Kyle Brown's answers here.  

What makes you the best candidate for the job?

My background in economic development makes me uniquely qualified because I work on issues from land use to zoning to transportation on a daily basis. I know that to build a strong county we must continue to invest in infrastructure, continue to have strong schools, and keep taxes low so we can bring more and higher paying jobs to Rankin County.

What jobs have you had that qualify you for public office?

As Economic Development Director, I have helped secure funding for the construction of new sewer lines, bicycle lanes, and created two redevelopment zones to help incentivize revitalization efforts in Downtown and Central Brandon. Having worked for the Mississippi Republican Party in 2011, I was able to create relationships with state representatives and senators. Those relationships are important when legislation affecting Rankin County needs to be passed. I also worked at an engineering firm where I helped administer part of the states $630 million in Hurricane Katrina recovery funds. I also researched and wrote grants for specific and multi-jurisdictional clients to create, upgrade, or improve infrastructure.

What would you like for voters to know about you?

I have experience in dealing with the major issues facing District 2 and Rankin County. My  background and experience means that on day one I can focus on improving roads and bridges while expanding Lakeland Drive to Highway 471, Highway 471 from Highway 25 to I-20, and East Metro Parkway, from I-20 to Lakeland Drive. I have experience in dealing with nuisance property and will work tirelessly to improve property values. I will also work to expand recreational opportunities for everyone: bike lanes, parks, athletic fields, and sidewalks. 

Do you plan to keep your full-time job if elected? Talk about your yes or no answer.

I would leave my position with the city of Brandon, if elected, so I can put my experience to work for the people of District 2 and Rankin County on a full-time basis. 

What do you bring to the office?

I bring to the office experience in zoning, infrastructure, and land-use, and full-time dedication which means I will be available to meet with residents and business owners to ensure their needs are met.  

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Anonymous said...

We need a Supervisor who will work full time for the people in District 2. PLEASE go to the polls and vote for Kyle Brown next Tuesday!!