Friday, August 28, 2015

Safe Zones for "Craigslist" Transactions

Many are aware of the recent Craigslist transaction gone wrong that occurred in the Reservoir area not long ago.  That incident left two victims injured, and the culprit arrested. It is wise, when meeting up with an unknown element to conduct a transaction, to do so in a very public place. The Rankin County Sheriff's Department, along with the various municipal police departments within the County, teamed up to offer their parking lots as "safe zones" for these transactions.  The Sheriff's press release is below:

The Rankin County Sheriff’s Office and several police departments in the county are offering their parking lots as “Safe Zones” for “Craigslist” type transactions.
Sheriff Bryan Bailey and several of the police chiefs in Rankin County are hoping the public’s new place of choice for transactions will be the law enforcement agencies parking lots and/or lobbies.
The Rankin County Sheriff’s Office parking lot and lobby, as well as many of the police department parking lots, are under 24-hour video surveillance and have constant flow of police officers in and out at all hours.
Sheriff Bryan Bailey believes this will prevent robberies and violent crime, and hopes it will make people feel safer. 
During recent meetings, the following Chiefs have allowed their police departments to use their parking lots as “Safe Lots”:
  • Brandon- Chief Thompson
  • Pearl- Chief Sarrett
  • Flowood- Chief McCluskey
  • Florence- Chief Thomas
  • Pelahatchie- Chief Shoemaker
  • Reservoir- Chief Waggoner 

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