Monday, September 7, 2015

2 for 7 Kitchen Coming to Lakeside Shell

Sadly, my dreams of Jumbo reopening in the Lakeside Shell on the corner of Spillway and Grant's Ferry (an earlier version of this post erroneously said "Old Fannin) shall not come to fruition. Fortunately, however (and thanks to Chris Merck of Merck Team Realty for bringing this to my attention), another restaurant is moving in soon.

2 for 7 Kitchen, which to this point has operated a food truck and catering business, is coming to the Lakeside Shell.  It's the husband and wife team of Deandrea and Omario Moore. Omario previously worked as a chef at the Capital Club in downtown Jackson.

Below is a snippet from an article about 2 for 7 Kitchen in the Jackson Free Press:
Initially, 2 for 7 was a delivery service. The Moores took orders from groups of teachers or industrial workers and deliver it at lunch. The response was incredible and prompted the couple to take the risk and get the truck, which only created more business. Moore said that most of their new customers hear about them through word of mouth, Instagram or Facebook. "I've not seen one bad comment, yet," Moore says.
 Menu items include breakfast favorites such as pancakes and waffles, available all day, hibachi, chicken on a stick, philly cheese steaks, poboys and a dozen other unrelated things, with new items added daily. The real kicker is that if you want something that isn't on the menu, and they have the ingredients, 2 for 7 will make it anyway.
Okay. After researching 2 for 7 Kitchen, I'm appropriately pumped for their arrival.


Anonymous said...

Excited but confused about location. There isn't a shell on the corner of spillway and old fannin.

HandiMann said...

Lakeside Shell? Where's that? Jumbo was in the Reservoir Plaza. I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

Grants Ferry, not Old Fannin