Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Announcement from Circuit Judge Candidate Michael Wolf

The following was submitted by Circuit Judge Candidate, Michael Wolf:

Michael Wolf is pleased to announce that he is running for the office of Circuit Court Judge, in Rankin and Madison Counties.  This is an entirely new position which demands a new enthusiasm toward the application of the law. In a field of fine candidates, Michael Wolf is unique and well suited to the job.

                The “scales of justice” are used to symbolize our legal system, as they represent balance.    Wolf has a balanced disposition, he will be tough but fair, and will always show respect toward every person that appears in Court.   
           His background drives his balanced disposition.  Wolf finished law school by working two jobs, teaching school and washing dishes.  Long hours and hard work paid off, and he graduated in 1992 in the top of his class, as student bar president, and an editor of law review.

            Michael Wolf is the managing shareholder in the Rankin County Law Firm of Page, Kruger & Holland, where he has enjoyed the opportunity to litigate with top attorneys.  Michael has practiced law for over two decades, representing people in all walks of life.  His unique experience includes representing numerous small businesses, over 30 Mississippi Counties, 20 Sheriffs, countless deputies, police officers, firemen, school districts, school personnel, court personnel, and several universities.  Wolf’s extensive, and varied, courtroom experience has taught him that everyone, regardless of position or title, deserves a fair day in court.  

Michael has practiced at all levels from the Justice Court to the State Supreme Court.  He is experienced in federal courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States.  He holds licenses to practice law in two states.

            Michael is happily married to Stacy.  They have two children, Mary Rose (14) and Owen (11), both attending Brandon Schools.  They are active in Church, and enjoy family time.

          Balanced, fair, capable, and independent, are all words that might describe Michael. But perhaps his life which is driven by the attitude to “always do the right thing”, better describes him.

                Thank You for voting WOLF.

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