Thursday, September 24, 2015

JPD Won't be Patrolling Outside of State Fair This Year

A commentor noted in the previous State Fair post that the City of Jackson will not be providing any security for the Mississippi State Fair this year. This is a source of concern for many typical fair-goers. Because safety and crime prevention are important, I researched it a bit and found the below articles concerning the City of Jackson PD's decision.

Clarion Ledger article.  This article reminds its readers that the Hinds County Sheriff's Department will still provide security within the Fairgrounds.  JPD usually assists with traffic and safety outside of the fairgrounds.

WAPT article.

WJTV article, wherein State Fair Commission Executive Director recognizes that safety is the utmost priority, and alternatives to JPD, including private security, are being reviewed.


Anonymous said...

I saw Mayor Yarber on tv a few weeks ago addressing this. He said since the Fair is a state event, not a city event, he did not want to use city resources that are already stretched to the limits. I think he had a good point and I appreciate him trying to get Jackson's budget woes in order. Let us all be good citizens and enjoy our fair without depending on a policeman on every corner to make us do right!

Anonymous said...

So if someone calls 911, can the city say, "Sorry, we can't serve and protect you right now, we are over budget"... ????