Thursday, September 3, 2015

Phoenix, the Lost Dog, Spotted Near the Rez

Below is a snippet from an article that posted on the MSNewsNow website concerning Phoenix, a dog lost after a local hotel burglary.

[The owner] says that she and her dog were staying at the La Quinta Inn on Briarwood Drive. She went out to dinner with some friends in the area, when someone broke into her hotel room.
The burglars didn't take Phoenix, however, she did escape.
Shortly after the break-in, hotel staff spotted her on the grounds and they called Misty, who arrived just 10 minutes later. By that time, Pheonix had disappeared.
Misty says that Phoenix has a green collar on with a tag IDing her. She also has a distinct burn scar on her face. She is current on her shots.

See the entire article here.
WAPT also has a story with more pictures.
CARA post on Facebook.

According to a reader, Phoenix was recently spotted near the Q & M Bait Shop at the corner of Lake Harbor and Old Canton Road in Ridgeland.  It would be hard to miss this dog with that distinctive burn. If you have any information, call Misty Malik at 601.214.4940.

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