Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Proposed Boathouse and Pier Policy

The Attorney General provided his opinion (which we discussed here) stating PRVWSD did not have to charge additional fees to lease the area over the water, adjacent to the shore, for piers and boathouses.  The AG opined that the concept of littoral rights likely provided PRVWSD with the authority to permit upland lessees to construct boathouses and piers without the need for a submerged land lease.

In response to the AG's opinion, the PRVWSD recently published a proposed Boathouse and Pier Policy applicable for all new construction, remodeling, or renovation.  They seem basic enough. Someone educate me on why boathouses cannot contain living quarters.

(The Policy is below the jump)


Anonymous said...

Is it possibly a tax issue? Living quarters are taxable. I'm not sure that boathouses are. Just a shot in the dark.

Troy Odom said...

I got an answer to my question. Essentially, boathouses may have living quarters if the living quarters are located on the upland portion of the residential lease. Living quarters may not be located over the water.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that would include living quarters built over a boat slip that is carved into the upland portion of the lease rather than beyond the waterside lease line. I can see the reasoning behind prohibiting a leaseholder from building a guesthouse out beyond the waterside lease line. Otherwise, not so much.