Friday, September 4, 2015

PRVWSD Board of Director's Meeting Minutes July 2015

Highlights include:

  --  "Water system hydraulic model" updated on the Madison side of the Rez, and Village Square commercial subdivision plat approved.  

  --  Construction of a "semi-portable comfort station" for Flag Island was approved, at a total budget of $6,800.00, with much of the funds coming from a MDEQ grant.

  --  Since making the move from paying private attorneys to represent the PRVWSD to the Attorney General's office (Mack Cameron and Philip Huskey), the staff had collected $173,601.52 in (presumably non-voluntary) lease payments and $31,390.55 in attorneys' fees.

  -- The Board approved a Resolution granting a non-exclusive franchise to Telepak Networks, Inc., to construct, operate and maintain fiber optic cable telecommunications facilities in the public places (streets, alleys, etc.) of the PRVWSD.

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