Thursday, October 22, 2015

Keep the Rez Beautiful Doing Great Things

Philanthropic-Community-Builder-Extraordinaire, Keep the Rez Beautiful, held a ribbon cutting through the Rankin County Chamber of Commerce at the new Turtle Creek Park and Kayak Launch. Pictured above are Board Members of Keep the Rez Beautiful, and Laurie Cutrer on behalf the Chamber. This partnership, I hope, will benefit KRB by helping to spread the good word and better market KRB's events.

Recently, KRB, along with community partners from Lowes Home Improvement, built an outdoor learning center at the Botanical Gardens next to the Spillway Rez Fire Station.  See below:

I'm tell you, this organization does work!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation to keep the rez beautiful. Hopefully, they will back lease holders who believe construction of a pristine wooded area is a mistake and will result in the destruction of a valued natural plus the loss of property values.