Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CL Article on Proposed Restaurant

Anna Wolfe of the Clarion Ledger with an article on the Shoreline Committee's vote to recommend approval of bidding for the four acre tract on Spillway Road near Hwy 471.  From the article:
The Pearl River Water Supply District will consider a recommendation from the Shoreline Development Committee to advertise for development on a 4-acre plot on East Spillway Road in its Thursday morning meeting.
      *     *     *
The PRWSD board will meet Thursday at 9:30 a.m. to discuss advertising the location, which is the first step in getting the ball rolling on plans for new development. Developers could propose anything from restaurants and retail establishments to office spaces and residential buildings.
Developer Niles Bryan presented his plans for a seafood restaurant on the heavily wooded plot to the Shoreline Development Committee on Monday. He is looking at taking an integrated approach to his building by utilizing nature in his design, which includes a playground for children.
     *     *     * 
Sigman said the PRVWSD is more than likely going to approve Shoreline Development Committee’s recommendation. The advertising period would last at least 60 days, after which the board could enact a lease agreement with a developer in February.

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Anonymous said...

Sure would be nice to know where this 4 acre tract is. I've seen 3-4 articles now with no good description of this place.