Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Election Takeaways

Find the complete Rankin County election results here, at the Circuit Clerk's page (for a precinct by precinct result, click here).

The County lists Statewide results by house district, which makes it impossible to determine county-wide how those candidates fared without some calculation.  Needless to say, local boys Phil Bryant and Tate Reeves cruised to victory in Rankin County, as did Stacey Pickering and the rest of the statewide incumbents.

Most local elections were unopposed and merely took up space on the ballot. The races creating the most interest were the judicial races and ballot Initiative 42.  Haydn Roberts, candidate for Chancery Court Judge, surprised many people by drawing over 55% of the county vote in a four person race. That is strong.

Rankin Countian, Assistant District Attorney, Marty Miller, worked his way into a run off with Madison County Judge, Steve Ratcliff.  That run-off election will take place November 24, 2015. Marty will need a high voter turn-out in Rankin County to overcome Ratcliff's numbers.

In a district redrawn favorably for a Republican candidate, Vance Cox took only 59% of Rankin County, not enough to overcome the Scott County turnout for incumbent Tom Miles.

Rankin County showed its love for Brent Bailey, giving him over 15,000 more total votes than his Democratic opponent, Cecil Brown. Brent pulled a margin of victory almost as high as Tate. Cecil, however, took the District-wide vote at the end of the night.

Speaking of 15,000+ vote margins of victory, the people of Rankin County rose up in opposition to the attempt to amend the State's Constitution.  Compare that to Madison Counties margin of only 5,067 votes. Again, (in my opinion) Rankin County flexes its muscles and reminds the State of its importance in deciding elections.


Anonymous said...

Be nice if 15,000 of those folks extra would vote on a school bond to build bigger schools.

Anonymous said...

They tried to weaken Rankin County's muscle by only letting us have 75% of the voting machines we needed. In hopes that more voters would give up and leave without voting? Not in OUR Rankin County!

Troy Odom said...

Good news! Paper ballots for the run-off.

Anonymous said...

Worth reposting

Be nice if 15,000 of those folks extra would vote on a school bond to build bigger schools.

Anonymous said...

7:56 - They would if it was for education instead of football fields.