Monday, November 2, 2015

Ramps are Reopened

Below is the content of a media release from the PRVWSD concerning the reopening of the previously closed boat ramps.

Ramps reopened at Barnett Reservoir
Barnett Reservoir officials on Monday reopened 10 ramps closed due to low water levels related to the months-long drought.
Pearl River Valley Water Supply District officials announced that only one ramp remains closed — one lane at Rankin County Landing that is scheduled for repair. The problem was spotted while another ramp at the landing was being fixed during the low water conditions. Other ramps at the Rankin Landing are open.
The popular Fannin Landing in Rankin County has reopened, as well as the ramps in the Glen Cove, Bay Park and Harbor View subdivisions in Pelahatchie Bay.
In Madison County, the Twin Harbor ramps were repaired during the closure and are now open. The ramp on the Madison County side of the spillway is also open.
On the upper end of the main lake in the vicinity of Mississippi Highway 43, ramps at Brown’s Landing, Goshen Springs Campground, Lake Harbor Road and Harbor Lane have reopened.
At 2 p.m. Monday, Barnett Reservoir stood at 296.04 feet above sea level, having risen nearly a foot over the last week. The lake remains nearly 18 inches below the target level of 297.5, and users are advised to use caution when boating on the 33,000-acre lake. At the lower level, more obstacles are closer to the surface.
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