Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Report from Shoreline Committee Meeting

Yesterday afternoon, the Shoreline Committee met to discuss whether to authorize the advertisement for bids for the lease of land off Spillway near Hwy 471 for commercial development. Over on the Reservoir Community Watch Facebook Page, a concerned citizen posted the following comments:
Well they [the PRVWSD Shoreline Committee] voted to go through with the next step to start an advertisement for bids for development. There is only a 60 day period once the ad starts. It seems no matter what the community says, Pearl River is going to go through with development.
Only about a dozen from the community [were at the meeting]. There were 2 votes to approve the ad, one no. The rest abstained.
Brackets added for context.

According to information obtained from PRVWSD, the final vote was 5 in favor, 1 opposed, with no abstentions.  There were a number of Board members and other individuals at the meeting who do not sit on the Shoreline Committee that may have appeared to be abstentions.

FYI, the members of the Shoreline Committee are John Arledge, Chair; Trey Bobinger, Vice Chair; Jim Carraway; John Pittman; Samuel Mitchell; Bruce Brackin

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