Monday, November 9, 2015

Two Recent Attempted Burglaries

There are a number of good resources on Facebook for Reservoir residents. One of those is the Reservoir Community District Page, started by Supervisor Rodney Keith and Homer Burns. We've talked about this page before here and here.

Two recent posts on the Rez Community District Page from concerned citizens are troubling.

9 hrs
There was an attempted break in last night around 7 pm in the Lineage Lake subdivision. 2 men tried kicking in the front door of a home but were unsuccessful. Police were dispatched but they fled on foot.

This is frightening stuff.


Anonymous said...

Nancy Shull Jacob may I ask why Mr. Cross is blocked from this page? It would be helpful for him to see these posts, in my opinion.

Like · Reply · September 2 at 1:42pm

It's past time for the interim Supe to mend fences and ask the Supe elect to monitor and take over this group if that's his choice.

Anonymous said...

Rodney Keith. No fence to mend. The RCD page is tied to my FB page so I can't just hand it over. Daniel simply needs to sit down and construct the same if he wants and then start adding members. I hope all of our RCD FB members join Daniels. It's a very easy process but it has to be attached to his FB not mine.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll mend no fence Keith, just unblock the Supervisor elect.

Anonymous said...

Someone apparently doesn't know how FB works... Rodney, all you have to do is make Mr. Cross an admin on the page and voila! he's got access to it!