Monday, December 28, 2015

PRVWSD November 2015 Minutes

Some highlights:

The Board approved advertising the bidding of the 4 acre parcel down Spillway Road for a restaurant. The Shoreline Committee previously recommended approval of the advertisement.  The entire Board voted in favor except Arledge, Governor appointee and Rankin County lessee.

Additional movement was made on the water taxi proposal, to include constructing a new pier, boat ramp, etc. for the water taxi fleet.

The Boathouse and Pier Policy was amended to allow for 32 foot piers/boathouses, so that larger boats could be accommodated.

A $300,000.00 bath house is going into Timberlake Campground.

The new camping pads at Timberlake -- estimated to cost $1 Million -- should take 6 months to construct on the 4 acre site.

Pelican Cove Restaurant is looking to expand its pier.

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msqueenkw said...

We pay lease fees for our property. I thought this was to protect our property from commercial business popping up. I have no desire to live on "the Rez" with restaurants and the traffic from them being built next door.