Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rankin County Zoning Questionnaire

Almost all gripes coming from those who comment on this blog revolve around zoning, the lack thereof, or the copious variances awarded from same.  Got a beef? Now is your time.  The Rankin County Board of Supervisors want to hear from you.

Rankin County Board of Supervisors Seek Public Input
The Rankin County Board of Supervisors is working with the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District (CMPDD) on an update of the county’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance.  In order to assist CMPDD planners and county leaders in developing this plan, we are asking citizens to complete a brief online survey.  Your input and comments will be a valuable part of this process.  Please click here to take the survey.  You may also access the survey from the County’s website,

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