Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Silver Carp are Coming to a Rez Near You

Brian Broom, the outdoor writer for the Clarion Ledger, writes the article we all hate to read.  The flying Silver Carp has invaded the Pearl River below the Spillway dam and it is only a matter of time before the Rez is infected with them. From the article:

Magnolia Crappie Club vice-president and Barnett Reservoir regular Bernard Williams said he doesn't think the inadvertent transfer into the lake is a possibility; he thinks it's inevitable.
"That's where everybody goes to get their catfish bait," Williams said. "You can't tell a baby carp from a shad."
The prospect of silver carp disturbing the food chain in Barnett Reservoir is not something Williams is happy about.
"Man, I've seen them ruin a lake," Williams said. "They (crappie) don't have anything to eat.
"That makes the crappie thin. They don't have anything to eat."

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