Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Clarion Ledger Article on the Lakeland Lane Shift

Anna Wolfe with the Clarion Ledger wrote an article about the lane shift on Lakeland Drive.

Mississippi Department of Transportation’s latest detour for their Lakeland Drive expansion project is putting locals on edge.
Be careful when taking the detour. The speed limit is 35 mph.
Flowood Public Works Director Gary Miller said. “I know it definitely doesn’t look that safe, but I’m not going to question MDOT’s decision on the way this is designed.”

According to MDOT, it will be temporary as work is being done to the bridge.

Flowood Mayor Gary Rhoads said that if this were the city’s project, they would likely look into alternative methods, like adding a cement Jersey barrier to the shoulder. The area surrounding the road itself, just a few feet of dirt, presents limitations, though.
“The problem is you don’t have much shoulder, and then it’s kind of like looking off the Grand Canyon,” Rhoads said.

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