Friday, February 12, 2016

Darwell's Cafe Looking to Relocate?

I am not familiar with Darwell's Cafe in Long Beach, Mississippi. Here is a post from their Facebook page, however:
I need a little Help from our Friends in Rankin Co...I've been looking for location in several areas around Jackson....taking my time to find right place....Now its time to seriously look at Pearl/Brandon/Flowood area....we are looking to buy so we can make it a Real "Darwells Cafe"..with its own Uniqueness...Many people have offered ideas and leads in several areas.....and Me and my son Darwell Yeager thank you for all the support and help you've shown.....If you know of any land with any type of building..that could be remodeled/added on/torn down/Painted Purple(smile).....needs to be accessable and off of the main to speak....and has to be able to let me go crazy with hand painted stuff and tons of Christmas contact me here..or my email
Here's a bit on WLOX.

Here's their real webpage.

Here's their Yelp review page.

Here's their Tripadvisor review page.  Seems legit.

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Anonymous said...

I've been to Darwell's Café and it was a fun time. The food was good and the live music was fun. The outdoor area is the best.