Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rankin County GOP Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser for the local Rankin County Republican Party Executive Committee, not for Kasich the presidential candidate. Nor is this an endorsement of same. Kasich is the speaker. If you are interested in supporting your local Republican party by attending, let me know at


Anonymous said...

Who is the Central Mississippi Republicans?

Why not make the checks to RCREC?

Troy Odom said...

Joint effort among Hinds GOP and Rankin County GOP. "Central MS Repubs" was set up so one entity was handling logistics, coordinating with speaker, and writing checks to Hilton, etc. Hinds County REC and RCREC will eventually be splitting proceeds. However, I feel certain that if a check is written directly to RCREC for this event, that will be okay.