Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Reader Comment on Wirtz Road Bike Trail

A reader left a comment on a previous post regarding the Wirtz Road Bike Trail. Construction began on the trail not long ago, and this commenter made some good observations I wanted to share with everyone.

I just went and had a look. Staking and land clearing is underway. It looks to me like it will run on the North and West side of Wirtz from Winner's Circle to Manship Road. It runs on the West side of Manship to the path on Hugh Ward Boulevard. Interestingly, it cuts through the woods to the West of the cemetery on Manship. Otherwise it will run adjacent to to the road and, in some places, not too far from it.
The South end of this path network, when completed, will be at Winner's Circle (the park and the road). The North end will be at Hugh Ward and Avalon Way. Total distance is about 3.65 miles without taking the zig and zag around the cemetery into account. 

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Anonymous said...

Awesome - I wondered what was going on there.