Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Options

Trying to take the significant other to a nice Valentine's dinner in the Rez area?  Here are some options:

Table 100 has a three course meal, including filet and Baked Alaska, with wine pairings.  Check out the menu here.

Cerami's will have live music and a limited, special menu.  Be mindful, there are no reservations.

I don't know if Ely's has a special menu for Valentine's Day, but it doesn't matter.  Make your reservation. You will not be disappointed.

Same with Tico's.

Same with Amerigo Flowood (and Ridgeland).

Same with Shapley's.

Same with Half-Shell.

Same with Sway's Bistro.

Kathryn's has their usual menu and, as always, live music.

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