Monday, February 22, 2016

What is Adams Street Spring Break Day

Most folks don't know where Adams Street, Flowood, is. It's in the SW corner of Flowood, near the municipal lines of Jackson, Richland and Pearl, between Crystal Lake and Trustmark Park. Down by Sweetwater Church and Rankin Rental's new storefront.  

It's an older part of town, separated by distance from the rest of Flowood's residential communities; but the lives of the folks who live there are intertwined with those in the Rez.  The children attend Flowood Elementary, then NWR Middle and High School. They play soccer, football and baseball through the Flowood YMCA, too.  

Few, if any, of the kids in Ward 1 go to the beach during Spring Break.  So, during that week, the City of Flowood and community volunteers converge on Adams Street to provide fun, supervised activities, and a good meal to the children there. 

At the end of Adams Street is a municipal park, appropriately named Adams Street Park. The park has a baseball diamond, complete with fence and dugouts, A full length basketball court, a walking trail, nice playground equipment, a concession stand, and plenty of green space to run around. It's a jewel for the City of Flowood (and a great place to practice baseball/softball when the NWRAA fields are occupied).

On March 9, 2016, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Adams Street Park will be a hive of activity thanks to the Flowood Rotary Club, Community Bank, Flowood PD, Flowood FD, Flowood Parks & Rec., and other volunteers.  Mr. Percy King will there with his reptiles and other animals. The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi will provide fun activities. And the kids love it! 

It's a great way to volunteer and have a great time.  I encourage you to head down and lend a hand.

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