Thursday, March 10, 2016

Castlewoods Sold

Unconfirmed, but from reliable sources: Castlewoods Golf Course has been sold effective April 1, 2016, to group of local investors.  Less reliable rumor: said investors plan to overhaul the entire clubhouse area.  Do they plan to bring back the swimming pool?

Here is the Facebook account for the course, last updated May 22, 2015.

Here's a link to the blog, it is more regularly updated.

Here is the official website.


Anonymous said...

As a pool/tennis only member for the last 3 years (an option I'm not sure the club even still offers) I can attest that the pool and courts have been treated as an afterthought. The NWR Tennis team pulled out last year and moved to the Reservoir Y courts due to Castlewoods' condition. I hope that the new owners spend a little money fixing it up and attracting tennis players again.
The rumor at the tennis courts has been that the whole property was sold. I guess if I was a full golf member and frequented the clubhouse I'd have more up to date rumors. It would be nice if the club did communicate with the current members about where things stand. Maybe they will soon.

Anonymous said...

Upon seeing the headline, I was anxious to find what they paid for my house.

Owen Taylor said...

How many owners has the course had? In the last 3 decades I can remember three but seems like a fourth party fit in there somewhere, too. It seemed to be at its best when Wally Wilson was the pro.

Anonymous said...

11:53 - The check's in the mail.

Anonymous said...

I guess it can now be moved from unconfirmed to confirmed.