Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Full PRVWSD Board Agenda

Below is the proposed full Board agenda, subject to change at any time prior to the meeting at 9:30 a.m. on March 17, 2016. By the way, the public is invited to participate in these meetings. Unless otherwise noted, they take place at the PRVWSD headquarters at 115 Madison Landing Circle, Ridgeland, MS, near Cock of the Walk.

AT 9:30 A.M. ON THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2016

1. Opening prayer

2. Pledge of Allegiance – W. C. Gorden

3. Request for acceptance of Minutes from the regular meeting held on February 18, 2016

4. Committee Recommendations:

Forestry and Wildlife Committee:

I. Approval of acceptance of timber quote from Clifton Rogers for $451.00 for pine trees infested with pine bark beetles on Spillway Road in Rankin County.

Parks Policy Committee:

I. Approval of contract bid for upgrades to Goshen Springs boat ramp pier.

II. Acceptance of contract award for stormwater improvement project at Old Trace Park.

III. Approval of Barnett Reservoir Foundation request for special alcohol permit for the Gogo’s Breast Cancer Foundation’s Glow Run event scheduled for July 23rd at Old Trace Park.

IV. Approval of Pete Castorena’s request for special alcohol permit for the Cinco De Mayo Brandon Festival on May 5th at Lakeshore Park.

Shoreline Development and Environmental Quality Committee:

I. Discussion of Old Rice Road property proposed lease

II. Adoption of 2015 International Building, International Mechanical, International Plumbing, International Property Maintenance, International Energy Conservation, International Swimming Pool & Spa, International Fuel & Gas Codes and the 2014 National Electrical Code (as amended).

III. Adoption of 2015 International Residential Code, with the exception of section p2904 of Chapter 29, Dwelling Unit Fire Sprinkler System as it relates to single family dwellings (as amended).

IV. Approval of change to District Regulation Part 206, Chapter 1 Property Maintenance Regulation to reflect adoption of revised Code.

V. Approval of change to District Regulation Part 205, Chapter 1, Rule 1.1 pertaining to Electrical and Standard Codes/Construction and Occupancy Permits/Use of Architects and Engineers.

VI. Approval of construction bid contract for Phase 2 of Pelahatchie Bay Dredging Project.

VII. Report on Sunrise/Paradise Pointe seawall construction Project.

VIII. Consideration of approval of revised MOU with MDOT concerning the water taxi.

IX. Approval of Project Closeout and Final Change Order for construction contract with Delta Constructors for 18” sewer line replacement at Spann Drive.

X. Discussion of purchase of board/conference tables and seating.

XI. Discussion of Leigh Anne Leech’s marketing agreement for the District’s real estate parcels less than two acres.

Audit Committee:

II. Discussion of excess insurance coverage, casualty insurance.

III. Approval of Trustmark National Bank Lockbox Program for water and sewer billing.

IV. Approval of February Travel and Per Diem.

V. Approval of Cash Balance Report.

VI. Approval of March 2016 Docket.

5. Committee Minutes and Miscellaneous Correspondence

6. Executive Director’s comments

7. Next Regular Meeting April 21, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. at the main office of PRVWSD

8. Meeting adjourned

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