Friday, March 11, 2016

Pinebrook Subdivision Flooding in News

Pinebrook residents, you are in the news.  From a WLBT report: - Jackson, MS
The heavy rain pounded several Rankin County neighborhoods especially in the Pinebrook Subdivision where some streets were impassable at one point and the residents were not happy about it.
“If you have a car don’t come through this,” said a Rankin County Resident.
The relentless rain had people paddling home. Others couldn't get out their yards.

Full article here. (hat tip to anonymous commentor for link).

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Lori Voss said...

I have lived in Pinebrook for over eight years. The flooding this past time was the worst I have ever seen it. The creek that runs through Pinebrook is actually Turtle Creek which eventually empties into the Rez. It is a naturally occurring watershed, but flooding at the low point (which is Pinebrook) has become a real problem for several reasons. 1) The developers of Deer Park, Turtle Ridge and Hunnington Lakes did not do a great job in water retention in these neighborhoods and opted instead to pass the water on to Pinebrook (not one of their developments!) 2) The creek itself could probably use a good cleaning out and widening in parts by the County. There are fallen trees and narrow passages in areas that cause water to pool. 3) PRVWSD needs to make sure the area of the Rez that Turtle Creek empties into stays dredged so the water flowing down hill all the way from Manship Road has someplace to eventually land. 4) As more development takes place in the area north of Farmington Road and west of Hugh Ward Blvd., the RC Board of Supervisors needs to make doubly sure proper and even extra retention ponds are in place or the flooding in Pinebrook will be ruinous in the future. This is not the fault of just one entity, but it will take a combined effort to diminish the flooding threat in this neighborhood.

I have to applaud the effort of our new supervisor, Daniel Cross. He was quick to respond to the recent flooding and I hope he can help us address this issue on all fronts.