Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Below is a Facebook post from Justice Court Judge John Shirley:

***** ALERT *****
I just voted and a voter told me about a scam. He said he received a phone call from someone claiming to be a Rankin County deputy and was told "Judge John Shirley with Rankin County Justice Court issued a warrant for your arrest because you failed to appear for jury duty in February and you can avoid being arrested if you pay the fine right now with a credit card."
FACTS: Rankin County Justice Court does NOT issue a warrant when a juror fails to appear for jury duty. Do not become a victim to this scam!
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And then Madison County Justice Court Judge, Marsha Weems Stacey posted this:

This is happening in Madison County as well, and I know they have used Judge Hannan's name in a call. Same scam.

This scam has been run before; however, previous iterations have not been so specific that I remember. The use of actual judge names is particularly concerning.  Hopefully, that means the crooks will be easier to catch.

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