Friday, March 11, 2016

We Need Info on Road Closures

I wish I had information for you specific to Rankin County road closures, but I cannot find anything on line.  This is the only website I can find for Rankin County Emergency Management Operations, but it is not updated.  The separate website they direct you to is under construction.  There is no Facebook or Twitter page for Rankin County Emergency Management Operations.

Mississippi Emergency Management has a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter handle, but none of their information is Rankin County specific.

I drove from the Reservoir to the Rankin County Chancery Courthouse yesterday afternoon, using Luckney Road.  On the way down, the waters had not yet covered the road.  By the return trip 30 minutes later, the flood waters had covered the asphalt near Mary Myles Drive.

I need to go to the Courthouse again today and would like to know what my best access route would be. I wish Rankin Countians had a way to know about road closures.

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Me too!!