Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wife of Rankin County Legislator Arrested

Amanda Vance Miles, the wife of Rankin/Scott County legislator, Rep. Tom Miles (D-Morton), was arrested at Northpark Mall in Ridgeland yesterday and charged with misdemeanor shoplifting after being found with $200 + worth of jewelry allegedly stolen from Belk.  She was apprehended with the assistance of the Flowood Belk, which had allegedly been her victim earlier in the day.  Other items missing from the Flowood Belk were found in Miles' car.  Ms. Miles was arrested along with Sheri Comfort Prestage, the wife of a Scott County constable. Ms. Prestage will have a tougher time of it; she was found with nearly $2000 worth of jewelry (felony level), plus hydrocodone hidden in her undergarments.

Representative Miles represents an enormous chunk of Rankin County (House District 75), which includes Pelahatchie, and the unincorporated portions in the Northeast parts of the County, including Leesburg, Sandhill, and Pisgah.


Anonymous said...

Oh nice, real nice . . . makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Miles, this is such an embarrassment your resignation is merited.