Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pisgah's College Signing Day!

So, Pisgah has this incredible teacher, Lillian Sims, who created an academic college signing day for her students. All students graduating from Pisgah High School and going on to an institute of higher education can take part. It celebrates the students' achievement of graduating high school and continuing their education. We highlighted the event from last year with this post.  This years' signing day is Friday, May 6.

Local businesses are helping, like Apple Annies (just look at the list of sponsors at the bottom of this page). You can help, too!

Our 2016 College Signing Day is scheduled for Friday, May 6! This event is for our college-bound seniors who earn any sort of academic scholarship(s), which will hopefully be most of our seniors this year! Ms. Sims is collecting donations of any college supplies anyone can spare--from pencils and rolls of quarters to backpacks to bicycles. Please email lillian.sims@rcsd.ms if you think you can contribute or know of someone or a business who might (or call the school at 601-829-2825). We will give out these info packets below to anyone who is interested or wants to take them to a possible sponsor. We also have a college registry online at Target where anyone can easily order supplies for our seniors: tinyurl.com/pisgahregistry

We (and the seniors) would really appreciate your help if you can spread the word! Feel free to share this status and remind everyone that we are the first/only school in the state to do this for our seniors!

Here is the link to the Clarion Ledger article about last year, the first College Signing Day: http://www.clarionledger.com/…/pisgah-college-sig…/26183169/

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