Friday, April 29, 2016

PRVWSD Board Minutes March 2016

Below are the minutes from the PRVWSD Board of Directors' March meeting.  These minutes were approved and published at the April 21 Board meeting.  Highlights include:

   -- All bids for the Goshen Springs boat ramp pier upgrades came in over budget. Therefore, all bids were rejected and the project will be rebid.

   -- A stormwater improvement project at Old Trace Park also came in over bid.  The sole bid received was rejected and it will not be rebid.

   -- The June 18 Gogo's Breast Cancer Foundation Glow Run at Old Trace Park received a special alcohol permit.

   -- The Board discussed three different tracts of land around Twin Harbor Subdivision in Madison County off Rice Road.  The developer of the proposed tracts seeks to build residential neighborhoods on those three tracts.  The PRVWSD voted to approve staff recommendations of 1600 square foot minimums for one tract, 2000 square foot minimums for the second, and 2400 square foot minimums for the third.  One member of the Board, Jennifer Hall, indicated the square foot minimums would likely harm the property values of the homes in the existing neighborhoods if they were not increased.  The recommendations were accepted with a vote of 11-1.

   -- The Board accepted a bid of $637,400.00 for phase two of the Pelahatchie Bay dredging project.

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