Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rankin County Board of Supervisor News

News out of the Board of Supervisors is two-fold:

1) The County has been serviced by AMR for its ambulance service, but there has been some concern over response time.  Presently, the County is in negotiations with Pafford EMS, so look for a possible change there.  Pafford is promising 7 dedicated ambulances in Rankin County. Under AMR, there were no dedicated trucks in Rankin County; rather, AMR had a number of trucks roaming the tri-county area.  Look for these negotiations to be finalized one way or the other at the April 15 Board meeting;

2)  In a 3-2 vote, a food truck was given a variance so it could set up shop in the empty lot across from ChristWay church on Old Fannin Road.  Given my children's love of The Great American Food Truck Race, I'm sure they will be eager to try it out.

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