Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Resort Status Around Fannin Market Stripmall

On Monday, the Governor signed House Bill 845.  Don't know about HB 845?  Jimmy Gates of the Clarion Ledger wrote an article on it.  Here is a link to the bill.  It is one of those "resort status" bills which allows for limited alcoholic beverage sales within specific portions of a dry county.

[*side note* If you are reading the bill and want to know the good stuff, look for the underlined or interlineated portions of the bill.  That is the language being added (underlined) or deleted (interlineated)]

Essentially, the relatively small commercial district East of Old Fannin and South of Spillway is in the resort district, bringing it in line with Flowood and the PRVWSD.  For practical purposes, Sway's and Fernando's will be able to serve margaritas.  This could also be good for the previously controversial Lake Vista Storage Unit land.  Now, it could be attractive to use that land for alternate purposes.

Don't worry about the golf course language contained in new Paragraph 13 of the bill.  That deals with a course in Tate -- not Rankin -- County.

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