Thursday, June 30, 2016

Youth Football Camp

Red Dot Road Closed

From the PRVWSD.  Red Dot Road is that jetty between Pelican Cove and Cock of the Walk.



Saturday, 2 July 2016

Due to the Independence Celebration activities scheduled for Saturday, 2 July, the North Fishing Jetty will close at 8:00 a.m. and remain closed for the day. North Fishing Jetty will reopen Sunday morning 3 July, 2016.

Boat Ramps Open Late for Independence Celebration

From the PRVWSD:


Public Parks and Boats Ramps to Remain Open until Midnight for

Saturday, 2 JULY 2016

Pearl River Valley Water Supply regulations prohibit the use of public parks, boat ramps, and other properties after hours posted at those facilities. Many of those facilities are posted to be closed at sunset; some are posted to be closed at sunset unless engaged in fishing activities. Due to the increased activity expected on the water on SATURDAY, 2 JULY 2016, all parks and boat ramps will remain open until midnight.

Please use these facilities, leave only your footprints, and be prepared for the parks to be closed at midnight that night.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Info on the Celebrate America Balloon Glow

Below is the Press Release concerning the popular balloon glow at Northpark Mall.  (Press release taken from US 96.3's website)


Good music, beautiful hot air balloons, and spectacular fireworks will again provide an evening’s entertainment for the entire family at this year’s Celebrate America Balloon Glow. Barksdale Cadillac and Ridgeland Recreation & Parks are proud to present this Independence Day tradition.  The twenty-sixth annual celebration will take place on Friday, July 1 at Northpark Mall’s balloon glow field, with plenty of parking around the mall for the thousands who gather each year.
The Celebrate America Balloon Glow, the opening event of the Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Race and Festival in Canton, provides the opportunity to witness approximately twenty hot air balloons of all colors twinkle and glow in the dusk of a summer evening.

Boat Parade Cancelled

Sad news. For the second year in a row, the Boat Parade has been cancelled for lack of participation.

Also, the fireworks will start at 9 p.m.

Fireworks and 4th of July**Repost

[**I hereby repost an earlier entry, and have added more info.**]

Here is a rundown on upcoming Independence Day celebrations:

 -- July 1 - United We Stand celebration at the City of Brandon.  Patriotic music, parade, fireworks, etc. Shiloh Park.  The festivities begin at 5:30 p.m.

 -- July 1 - "Celebrate America" Balloon Glow.  Near Northpark Mall in Ridgeland.  Shanendoah is the headlining act this year.  The fun begins at 6 p.m.  The glow takes place at 7:45 p.m. and fireworks at 9:30 p.m.

 -- July 1 - I had heard that Castlewoods Country Club was hosting a fireworks show on hole number 1. A helpful reader commented that those intentions never came to fruition.

 -- July 2 - Independence Day Celebration through the Barnett Reservoir Foundation at both Old Trace Park (Madison) and Lakeshore Park (Rankin). It starts with the Splash and Dash at Old Trace Park. From 4 to 7 p.m. at Lakeshore Park is a classic car show.  Live music will play at both parks. At dusk, you'll have the Lighted Boat Parade, and at full dark, fireworks! All the details you want can be found here.

 -- July 2 - Patriotic Fireworks Spectacular at the Mississippi Championship Balloon Fest in Canton.

 -- July 2 - Fourth of July Celebrating at Roosevelt State Park.  Food vendors, arts and crafts, swimming pool and waterslide, lunch, patriotic boat parade, fireworks at dusk.  Just $6 a car load to get into the park.

 -- July 4 - Independence Day with the Mississippi Braves.  The Braves take on the Montgomery Biscuits that evening at 7 p.m.  The Braves will auction off their jerseys and caps during the game, with the proceeds to benefit the ALS Association and H.E.R.O.E.S. Care.  After the game, a super-sized fireworks show, of course.

If you know of any more, let me know and I will post.

Weekly Leader Articles

My Weekly Leader actually came on Wednesday morning, so I get to update you on the Rez-centric articles on time:

 - Patriotism in the Park set for July 1, Shiloh.  Contains details on Brandon's "United WE Stand -- Tribute to God and County".

 - Members vote to withdraw from MRUA.  The City of Brandon began taking steps to withdraw from the City of Jackson's control of West Rankin County's wastewater treatment. Work has started building a new wastewater treatment plant in Richland. The PRVWSD also agrees with the withdrawal.

 - 5th annual Independence celebration set Saturday.  There is a lot going on at the Rez this Saturday.

 - Rankin County School District hires consulting firm for pre-bond issue planning.  Buckle up for another bond issue from the RCSD. This time, information sessions shall begin early and often.

 - Second church burglary suspect turns herself in. From what I hear, she was actually dragged kicking and screaming by the deputies from her mother's car.

 - Same-day arrest in Flowood armed robbery.  Why do people continue to commit violent crimes in Rankin County?  You are not going to receive the ole Hinds County slap-on-the-hand.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Lakeside Pres' New Pastor

I can attest, these two are great.  I handled their closing, they are my new neighbors, Lakeside got a couple of good ones.

Media Release on Independence Celebration

5th Annual Independence Celebration
July 2 at Barnett Reservoir

Skies over both sides of The Rez will light up in freedom July 2 as the Barnett Reservoir Foundation celebrates its 5th annual Independence Celebration at both Lakeshore and Old Trace Parks.

The Saturday event will climax with the dual fireworks show at 9 p.m., with a patriotic music simulcast on MISS103 FM, which will also broadcast the countdown.

During the day, both parks — Lakeshore in Rankin County and Old Trace in Ridgeland — will feature various activities for visitors of all ages. Walk-in traffic will be allowed during the day and the events activities begin at 4 p.m. Admission is free. No coolers or outside food/beverages will be allowed.

Lakeshore will feature the Fenders & Fireworks Classic Car Show from 4-7 p.m., and will have live music featuring Rankin County’s own, Jay Herrington from 4-6:30 and the Dylan Moss Band from 7 until fireworks. There will be kids’ zones, static military displays, food and beverage vendors and a beer garden.

Old Trace Park will feature REZFest from 4-7 p.m., a kids’ event that centers on hands-on educational exhibits with conservation, environmental and recreation themes. The music stage will feature local favorites Brewer and Hurd at 4 p.m. and RockiT from 7 until the fireworks.

The day begins early with the Brain Injury Association of Mississippi’s 5K Splash and Dash run at 9 a.m. at Old Trace. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. For more information, call the Brain Injury Association at (601)-981-1021 or email

Come help us celebrate our nation’s independence. Bring your blankets and/or chairs, shade tents, sunscreen and bathing suits and enjoy the day.

The Independence Celebration is sponsored by the Barnett Reservoir Foundation, IHeartMedia, Ergon, UCI, Kathryn’s Steak and Seafood, Academy Sports and the City of Ridgeland Tourism Bureau.

For more information visit:

Fenders and Fireworks Information

BankPlus Fenders & Fireworks Classic Car Show
July 2 at Barnett Reservoir

The 5th annual Independence Celebration at Barnett Reservoir will include the Fenders & Fireworks Classic Car Show sponsored by BankPlus Saturday July 2 at Lakeshore Park.

Beginning at 4 p.m., classic cars and trucks will compete for prizes that will be awarded to the top five cars, top two trucks and an overall Best in Show.

The entry fee is $30 and must be paid prior to 4 p.m. on July 2. Entry forms, rules and other information are available online at

BankPlus’ Fenders & Fireworks Car Show will be just one facet of the Barnett Reservoir Foundation’s Independence Celebration, which will culminate in a dual firework show on both sides of the lake at 9 p.m. The Foundation will host events at both Lakeshore and Old Trace Parks.

During the day, both parks will feature various activities for visitors of all ages. Admission is free. No coolers or outside food/beverages will be allowed.

In addition to BankPlus’ Fenders and Fireworks Classic Car Show, Lakeshore Park will have live music featuring the Reservoir areas own Jay Herrington from 4-6:30 and the Dylan Moss Band from 7 until the fireworks. There will be kids’ zones, static military displays, food and a beer garden.

For more event information visit:

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weekly Leader Stories

Articles of note in the latest Weekly Leader:

 - Sheriff's Dept. takes possession of MRAP.  In addition to the Weekly Leader/Rankin County News, the Clarion Ledger covered this story, or you can just check your Facebook status.

 - Work progressing on road linking Pearl, Flowood.  It is anticipated being finished before dove season. Four lanes from Treetops Boulevard to Pearson Road.

 - PRVWSD assembles a "want list".  Linda Horton covers the latest PRVWSD Board meeting. This article highlights a $4.5 million wish list of infrastructure improvements to various aspects of PRVWSD land.

 - SO makes arrest in church. Regurgitation of the Sheriff's Press Release on the St. Mark's UMC burglaries. The second suspect turned herself in, by the way.

 - Brandon looking at feasibility of underground utilities.  Mayor Lee has been busy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Four Convicted of Armed Robbery in Madison County

Earlier this week, we learned about those who would break the law. Today, we learn about the consequences for breaking the law.  From District Attorney, Michael Guest:
Madison Men Receive Total Combined Sentences Of 115 Years For Attacking Elderly Man Cutting Grass

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

For more information, please contact
Michael Guest at (601) 825-1472 or

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney Michael Guest announced today that four men were convicted for the armed robbery of a 66-year old man.

In October 2015, Arthur Jones Luckett was working cutting grass when four men approached him. All were wearing Halloween masks and hoodies to cover their faces and demanded money. 

One of the defendants held a hand-gun to the victim’s head and demanded all of the money on the victim’s person.  The victim gave them $500 in cash and a $50 money order.  While the demand to turn over his money was spoken by the gunman, the victim noticed the voice as someone who had recently worked for him but had been terminated from his job.  The former employee called the victim by name stating, “Arthur, we are going to rob you.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Press Release from St. Mark's UMC

Below is the press release from St. Mark's Church:

In the early hours of June 20, Susanna Wesley Hall which houses the
Youth Ministries of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church was broken into
and vandalized. Two women were caught on surveillance video
ransacking and defacing the room with profane graffiti. Rankin County
Sheriff’s Office was given the video record and images were also
circulated on Facebook. Many persons responded with information that
led to the subsequent apprehension of the women involved.
St. Mark’s appreciates the swift action of Rankin County Sheriff’s Office
as well as the concern of our entire community with regard to the
seemingly senseless actions of the perpetrators. Now is the time for
working toward restorative justice for those who committed this crime.
We commit ourselves to prayer on behalf of these two women who felt
the need to lash out against the church. We do not want to let this one
incident negate all the work St. Mark’s UMC has done in the name of
Jesus Christ in our community and throughout the world. We will continue
to do kingdom work, especially now when forgiveness and
reconciliation are so needed.
Rev. Warren Coile
Senior Pastor
St. Mark’s United Methodist Church

I Present to You the Methodist Malefactors

As predicted, the St. Mark's burglars were identified in no time.  Thanks to the Rankin County Sheriff's Department, investigators quickly arrested Elizabeth Lauren Guy who, just as quickly, turned on her accomplice Anna Paige Smith.  Anna, at least, is no stranger to the Rankin County Justice Center.

Jackson Jambalaya has the Sheriff's full press release.

WAPT story.
WJTV story.
Clarion Ledger story.

Stabbing in Riverchase

From the Clarion Ledger:

Witnesses told police the victim was stabbed by Cale Evan Reaves, also 17. Reaves is being charged as an adult based on the nature of the crime. The victim's name is not being released because he is a juvenile.
   *     *     *
Witnesses said the victim was hosting a gathering and a girl at the party called Reaves to pick her up. When he arrived, an altercation between Reaves and the victim began. They ended up fighting in the street, and during that fight, Reaves allegedly stabbed or cut the victim several times.

WAPT Story.
WJTV Story.
WDAM Story.

Monday, June 20, 2016

St. Mark's UMC Burglary***With Update

St. Mark's United Methodist Church experienced a break-in this morning at 2 a.m.  Cameras captured two "persons of interest", a fact these two obviously didn't realize at the time. I doubt it will be long before they are identified.

As predicted, in no time at all, one of the "persons of interest" has been taken into custody:  Elizabeth Lauren Guy.

Jackson Jambalaya has the full press release. BTW, burglary of a church brings with it a possible 14 year sentence.

PRVWSD Board of Director Minutes May 2016

The signed minutes from the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District's May meeting of the Board of Directors are below.  Highlights include:

 - The District adopted several codes concerning with building, maintenance, and inspection of residential properties on District property.

 - The Board voted 3-8 (with one abstention) on an issue involving trotlines in Pelahatchie Bay. Presently, trotlines are not allowed in Pelahatchie Bay. The Vice-Chairman of the Parks Policy Committee requested the regulation banning trotlines be rescinded, and to allow for "attended jug fishing".  That was not a popular request as it was voted down 3-8, a rare divergence from the unanimous votes frequently experienced at the Board.

 - The District's long time real estate appraiser, James Craig, is retiring, and the District is advertising for new appraisal services.

Tri 4 Life in Coming! Get to Training!

Tri4Life Triathlon moves to Lakeshore Park this year.  This is a great, short course triathlon, and it benefits a great organization.  From the website:

TRI4LIFE, the hottest, fastest triathlon in the state, is back again for the 7th year! We are excited to announce a new triathlon course this year and the addition of a 5K Run/Walk! Location is Lakeshore Park in Brandon, on the beautiful Ross Barnett Reservoir. 
 Saturday, August 13th at 7:00 AM. 
Event benefits the Center for Pregnancy Choices, a nonprofit medical clinic that is here to listen, encourage and equip those facing pregnancy decisions.

1/3 Open Water Swim
14.5 Mile Bike Ride
5K Run

Friday, June 17, 2016

Party in Castlewoods

This Week's Rankin County News Articles

Check out this week's Rankin County News. The following are headlines of interest to the Rez:

 - RCSD proposes bond issue for March 17, 2017.  You knew it was coming. "The people are ready for it and realize we are behind," stated RCSD Superintendent Sue Townsend.

 - PRVWSD gearing up for Independence Celebration. July 2 at Lakeshore and Old Trace Parks. Boat parade, fireworks, live music, etc.

 - Bike trail project passes halfway point.  All the details you want on the Flowood bike trail from the Nature Trail to Hugh Ward.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Civil War Relic Show

Many things happening this Father's Day Weekend, including the Glow Run at Old Trace Park, the Race 4 Missions at Crossgates Baptist Church, Barefoot in the Park at Black Rose Theater.  You also have the Civil War Relic Show in Brandon.  More info, and a coupon, below:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Agenda for Thursday's PRVWSD Meeting

Below is the agenda for this month's meeting.

AT 9:30 A.M. ON THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2016

1. Opening prayer

2. Pledge of Allegiance – W. C. Gorden

3. Request for acceptance of Minutes from the regular meeting held on May 19, 2016

4. Commissioning of Reservoir Police Officer candidate, Robert Lee Sanders.

5. Committee Recommendations:
Budget and Finance Committee:
  I. Discussion of infrastructure improvements.

Shoreline Development and Environmental Quality Committee:
  I. Approval to revision to Plat of Gardens of Windward Bluff lots 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45.
  II. Approval of repurposed scope MOU with MS Department of Transportation for access improvements.
  III. Approval of MS Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks’ littoral survey proposal for 2017.
  IV. Discussion of Resolution of West Rankin Utility Authority concerning termination of agreement with the City of Jackson.

Parks Policy Committee:
  I. Approval of Change Order No. 2 for Timberlake Campground Expansion contract with Southern Rock, LLC.
  II. Approval of MS Department of Environmental Quality Grant for recycling bins.
  III. Approval of engineering contract for infrastructure improvements to Timberlake Campground and Lakeshore Park.

Audit Committee:
  I. Approval of three staff and three board members to attend Lower Pearl River Conference “March 2016 Flood” to be held June 21, 2016 in Slidell, LA.
  II. Approval of Per Diem and Travel Report for May 2016.
  III. Approval of Cash Balance Report.
  IV. Approval of June 2016 Docket.
  V. Discussion of FY 2018 Budget

6. Committee Minutes and Miscellaneous Correspondence

7. Executive Director’s comments

8. Executive Session:
Discussion of contract negotiations – personnel.
Discussion of current settlement of litigation and pending forfeiture action.

9. Next Regular Meeting July 21, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. at the main office of PRVWSD

10. Meeting adjourned

Scholarship Money Earned by RCSD Students

Many of you may have seen that Rankin County School District graduating seniors earned $42,942,655 in scholarship money this year.  That represents a jump of approximately $10 Million more than the class of 2015?  Past years typically demonstrate an annual increase of about $3 Million.  That is outstanding news for our students.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ice Skating in Rankin County

Board of Supervisors approved allowing company to use the Multipurpose Pavilion on Marquette road for use as an ice skating rink. The dates are, I believe, December 15, 2016, to late February 2017.  Contract is still in negotiation, so the specifics are not known at this time.

This will be similar to what you saw in Madison County a few years back.  However, this time, the cover of the pavilion should help keep the ice temperature low.

Glow Run for Cancer Research

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rumor Mill

These are all unsubstantiated.  They're rumors and this is a blog; take them for what they are worth.

 -- Feathered Cow is coming to the Kroger shopping center at the corner of Spillway and Northshore Parkway.

 -- Whataburger is coming to Dogwood Festival area.

 -- An assisted living facility is coming near to the old Rapids on the Reservoir facility.

 -- The proposed restaurant on Spillway by Waterwood is dead . . . for now.

 -- The empty lot where Penn's used to be at the corner of Spillway and Old Fannin is being reserved by PRVWSD for a restaurant.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Refresher on Rez Community Center Rental

The Reservoir Community Center, and surrounding botanical gardens, are a jewel.  If you are interested in renting, check out the below links:

Home Page.
Rules and Regulations.
Cancellation Policy.
Rental Form.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Canjun Fest Organizers Donate to Rez Dog Park

9 June 2016
Cajunfest organizers donate to Dog Park

Organizers of Cajunfest delivered a check for $660 to the Barnett Reservoir Foundation to be used in the creation of a dog park at Old Trace Park at Barnett Reservoir.

Tony Hancock, owner of McB’s, Legends and One Block East restaurants, and Dustin Alman of Stagelite Entertainment, presented the check to the organizers of the dog park at the June meeting of the Foundation.

The contribution were a percentage of the proceeds from the Paws and Claws 5K run held at Cajunfest on April 30th at Old Trace Park.

Barnett Reservoir Foundations have facilitated a lease from the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District for the dog park along the entrance road to Old Trace Park.

For more information on the continuing fundraising efforts to create the dog park, visit or

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Deli in Lakeside Shell

One of my astute readers noted there is a new food provider in Lakeside Shell Station (on the corner of Grant's Ferry and Spillway Road) (*Shout out to Owen at AgFax).  Where La Tacqueria used to be is a new soul food restaurant.  I first thought about our friends from 2 for 7 Kitchen.  See previous post about their intentions to occupy the Lakeside Shell from back in September of 2015. However, the new restaurant is called Crispy Chicken & Fish ("A Legendary Southern Secret").

Thanks to Chris Merck at Merck Realty for passing along a menu (attached below).  Sorry for the bad quality. I guess you're just going to have to stop in for yourself.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Openings at Lakeside Pres Preschool

FYI, parents:
Fall Openings at Lakeside Preschool - Lakeside Preschool has a few openings in 3s and 4s this fall. If you know anyone who might be interested, please contact Amy Cardenal at 601-992-1629. 

Election Commissioner Races Set

The qualifying deadline for Election Commissioner passed yesterday with little flair. The Circuit Clerk tells me the only two contested races will be in District 4 (Steve Gaines' supervisor's district) and 5 (Jay Bishop's supervisor's district).

Current District 4 Election Commissioner, Eric Baldwin drew an opponent in Patty Neal Hodges.

Current District 5 Election Commissioner, Charlie Pittman is not running again.  Two filed qualifying papers with the Circuit Clerk to replace him: Dean Scott and Brian Baughman, both Pearl residents. The election for this nonpartisian position is November 8, 2016 (same as U.S. President).

If anyone has further information about these races you want to pass along, let me know.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Local Benefit for Ryan Lasource

This Saturday, Jeremy and Claire Jungling will host a showing of Conquering Kilimanjaro at the Hilton Garden in in Flowood.  100% of the proceeds will benefit Ryan Lasource's family.

More on Ryan Lasource:
My name is Ryan LaSource - aka RyanMan. 
I was born in December of 2012 and was diagnosed with AML (Leukemia) at 5 months old. After being in remission for nearly a year, I relapsed in 2014 and went through a Bone Marrow Transplant at Blair E Batson in Jackson, MS.  Read more here, here and here.
More on the documentary:
What do you get when you combine one of the world’s greatest mountains, one of the world’s greatest mountaineers and one of the world’s greatest causes? The world’s greatest adventure!
Conquering Kilimanjaro is a 54-minute documentary by Marc Middleton, which follows world-renowned mountaineer Chris Warner as he leads 16 cancer survivors and advocates to the 19,341-foot frozen summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Read more from this press release here.

Friday, June 3, 2016

PRVWSD Board of Directors Minutes for April Meeting

Below are the approved minutes for the PRVWSD Board of Directors Meeting from April 21, 2016. Highlights include:

  -- I see Philip Hollimon, an attorney with the Attorney General's office, has been assigned to the PRVWSD to work along with Phillip Huskey.  You recall Mack Cameron resigned a few months back. The two Philips now represent the PRVWSD.

  -- Lieutenant Wayne Cockrell of the Reservior PD was recognized for his twenty years of service.

  -- The Board rescinded the previously granted approval to advertise 214 acres off Old Rice Road for bid for development. This rescission came following complaint from neighboring communities that they had not been given advance notification and opportunity for input.

  -- The PRVWSD will advertise for bids for seven new emergency generators.

  -- The Board adopted a resolution restricting the service of alcohol in the resort area within the Rankin County portion of the District from between 10 a.m. and 1 a.m., seven days a week.

  -- CMI/Gatordock was awarded the bid for the upgrades to the Goshen Springs boat ramp pier, at an estimated cost of $64,650.00.

  -- Bobby Cleveland will be coming back.

  -- Again, no bids were received for the 4 acre parcel off Spillway Road.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

When Life Presents You Lemons . . .

. . . you're supposed to make lemonade, right?  Flowood Flooring and Design, 5310 Lakeland Drive, a local business on one of the most traveled corridors in the Jackson Metro Area, faces the unfortunate reality of now being hidden behind a large pile of dirt, courtesy of the Lakeland Drive expansion construction.  The owner's humorous sign (see above) had to be removed as non-conforming with the City of Flowood's sign ordinance.  They are now seeking a variance and I hope the City gives it to them quickly.

  From their Facebook page:
We've heard from many of you and appreciate the positive feedback we've received on our banner. We're so glad to have gotten a chuckle out of Allie Ware and the 16 WAPT News team. Unfortunately, the City of Flowood doesn't have the same sense of humor as us, and we have removed it.
Although the sign isn't there, we're still offering a 10% discount to anyone who mentions the banner (as long as you can find us)!

To be fair to the city, we didn't get a permit before placing the signage. City ordinance states that there must be a permit to put up a banner like that. We are going to seek a variance from them in the hopes that we can display it once again though! 
Thank you for your concern for our local businesses!
This brings to mind the less-humorous-and-more-angry sign erected in front of the old Dairy Queen on Highway 49 in  the industrial part of Richland during that construction years and years ago.  Anyone remember that sign?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to Help Taylor Hartwell

Unfortunately, someone was badly hurt in the Memorial Day Weekend accident previously identified here. His name is Taylor Hartwell, he is four years old, and he is in critical condition. Loved ones started a GoFundMe page here to help offset medical expenses.

The Rez Police Department recently posted on their Facebook account the following information:
Taylor continues to improve but ever so slowly. I can only imagine how every minute, every second feels as they wait to have their son open his eyes again. They took such a hard impact! Today they are watching his lungs and will have a neurological consult. They have a friend who has set up a GOFUNDME account to help them with their medical bills and living expenses as they focus on Taylor's recovery. I know anything you could spare would be greatly appreciated. And as always, Please continue to pray for this little man and his family!


From the GoFundMe page:
The driver of the other car who hit them from behind did not have a driver’s license or insurance.  At this time, it is difficult to predict what the cost of their medical bills will be. It is still early and they still need more time to work things out with their own insurance.  Jason is a stay at home dad while Kat is a kindergarten teacher at Mississippi School for the Deaf. Kat had planned on working during summer school to supplement her family’s income, but had to back out so she can focus on her son’s recovery and her family.  Any donations will help them by supporting their living expenses, such as food and other things they may need during this difficult time.

Rez Independence Day Celebration Info

Heatwave Classic and Others

This weekend is the 31st running, stroking, and peddling of the Heatwave Classic Triathlon.  A high of 83 and low of 68 do not sound so bad. Our prayers for safety, endurance, and self-actualization go out to all the competitors.

If, like me, you are less than ready for a classic triathlon, you have other options coming up, like next week's 2nd Annual Renasant Bank 5K at the MORA building in Flowood, honoring the CJ Stewart Foundation.  This race is brought to you by my friends at Sisu Race Timing.

Or the Glow in the Park Run on June 18 at Old Trace Park.

Or the Race 4 Missions on June 18 at Crossgates Baptist Church.