Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to Help Taylor Hartwell

Unfortunately, someone was badly hurt in the Memorial Day Weekend accident previously identified here. His name is Taylor Hartwell, he is four years old, and he is in critical condition. Loved ones started a GoFundMe page here to help offset medical expenses.

The Rez Police Department recently posted on their Facebook account the following information:
Taylor continues to improve but ever so slowly. I can only imagine how every minute, every second feels as they wait to have their son open his eyes again. They took such a hard impact! Today they are watching his lungs and will have a neurological consult. They have a friend who has set up a GOFUNDME account to help them with their medical bills and living expenses as they focus on Taylor's recovery. I know anything you could spare would be greatly appreciated. And as always, Please continue to pray for this little man and his family!


From the GoFundMe page:
The driver of the other car who hit them from behind did not have a driver’s license or insurance.  At this time, it is difficult to predict what the cost of their medical bills will be. It is still early and they still need more time to work things out with their own insurance.  Jason is a stay at home dad while Kat is a kindergarten teacher at Mississippi School for the Deaf. Kat had planned on working during summer school to supplement her family’s income, but had to back out so she can focus on her son’s recovery and her family.  Any donations will help them by supporting their living expenses, such as food and other things they may need during this difficult time.

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