Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I Present to You the Methodist Malefactors

As predicted, the St. Mark's burglars were identified in no time.  Thanks to the Rankin County Sheriff's Department, investigators quickly arrested Elizabeth Lauren Guy who, just as quickly, turned on her accomplice Anna Paige Smith.  Anna, at least, is no stranger to the Rankin County Justice Center.

Jackson Jambalaya has the Sheriff's full press release.

WAPT story.
WJTV story.
Clarion Ledger story.

High horse time:  If you are determined to break the law in Rankin County, then you need to fully understand you will be caught.  Knowing that, if you still want to break the law, fine. Being behind bars is an efficient way to let that lesson sink in.  But by that time, your ability to lead a decent life thereafter is severely diminished (that's because you are now what's called "a felon").

This isn't Hinds County.  There are cameras -- working ones -- everywhere in Rankin County.  There are law abiding citizens everywhere, and social media sleuths everywhere. The Sheriff's Department is hard working and relentless. Their investigators are good at what they do. They will track you down. The District Attorney keeps Rankin County safe, in part, by being tough on criminals.  The judges are re-elected because they punish criminals rather than setting them free.

Yes, the people of Rankin County are God fearing and forgiving. However, a debt to society must be paid. Please think about the consequences of your actions before you decide to do something thoughtless.

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Anonymous said...

They need to be sentenced to church!