Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekly Leader Articles

My Weekly Leader actually came on Wednesday morning, so I get to update you on the Rez-centric articles on time:

 - Patriotism in the Park set for July 1, Shiloh.  Contains details on Brandon's "United WE Stand -- Tribute to God and County".

 - Members vote to withdraw from MRUA.  The City of Brandon began taking steps to withdraw from the City of Jackson's control of West Rankin County's wastewater treatment. Work has started building a new wastewater treatment plant in Richland. The PRVWSD also agrees with the withdrawal.

 - 5th annual Independence celebration set Saturday.  There is a lot going on at the Rez this Saturday.

 - Rankin County School District hires consulting firm for pre-bond issue planning.  Buckle up for another bond issue from the RCSD. This time, information sessions shall begin early and often.

 - Second church burglary suspect turns herself in. From what I hear, she was actually dragged kicking and screaming by the deputies from her mother's car.

 - Same-day arrest in Flowood armed robbery.  Why do people continue to commit violent crimes in Rankin County?  You are not going to receive the ole Hinds County slap-on-the-hand.

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