Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weekly Leader Stories

Articles of note in the latest Weekly Leader:

 - Sheriff's Dept. takes possession of MRAP.  In addition to the Weekly Leader/Rankin County News, the Clarion Ledger covered this story, or you can just check your Facebook status.

 - Work progressing on road linking Pearl, Flowood.  It is anticipated being finished before dove season. Four lanes from Treetops Boulevard to Pearson Road.

 - PRVWSD assembles a "want list".  Linda Horton covers the latest PRVWSD Board meeting. This article highlights a $4.5 million wish list of infrastructure improvements to various aspects of PRVWSD land.

 - SO makes arrest in church. Regurgitation of the Sheriff's Press Release on the St. Mark's UMC burglaries. The second suspect turned herself in, by the way.

 - Brandon looking at feasibility of underground utilities.  Mayor Lee has been busy.


Anonymous said...

Heard several police and the MRAC vehicle were in Glen Cove on Tuesday around 4:30pm. Anyone know what happened?

Anonymous said...

*MRAP (typo)

KaptKangaroo said...

Underground would be a great improvement. When are we going to discuss the new neighborhoods in Rankin and the corresponding stress on schooling?