Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Additional 7% Off Clothes and Other Items

For a list of items and other restrictions, see this guide.

Weekly Reader Articles

Here is a list of the Weekly Reader articles that pertain to the Rez:

 - PRVWSD to build 3 new kayaking ramps.  Linda Horton does a good job detailing the construction of ADA compliant "comfort stations" at Lakeshore Park, Old Trace Park, and Coal Bluff Water Park ($133,840 each).  The kayak ramps will go in Pelahatchie Shore Park, Brown's Landing, and Ratliff Ferry ($20,000 each).  In other news, it costs $133,840 to build a "comfort station". Is that right?

 - Traffic stop yeilds LSD.  Robert Echols was arrested July 14 after police found LSD in his wallet.

 - Shoplifters take 141 items.  Krystal Oshae Powell and her sister, Deanna Michelle Howard, were arrested after allegedly stealing $3,700 worth of merchandise from J.C. Penny's. Howard already had three outstanding warrants in Flowood alone.

 - RCSD offering 500,000 cubic yards.  The School District is selling the dirt from the 16th Section land on the North side of Lakeland Drive/Highway 25, across from NWR High School (adjacent to Hidden Hills).

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rankin County Planning Commission Agenda

Playing around on the Rankin County website, I stumbled across the Planning Commission's agenda for their upcoming, July 28, 2016, meeting. More precisely, I found the agenda on the Office of Community Development page.  Several of the properties up for discussion are in our neck of the woods, including potential nuisance properties. Also, I wonder what changes Fannin Lanes is implementing . . . .

Monday, July 25, 2016

PRVWSD Board Minutes for June 2016

Below are the minutes from the regular PRVWSD Board of Directors' meeting in June 2016. There is a lot to digest here.  Highlights include:

 - Six waterfront lots in the Gardens of Windward Bluff were reconstituted to form 4 larger lots to make them easier to market.

 - The Board approved MDOT's Memorandum of Understanding which discussed grant funding for a variety of improvements to existing facilities at various locations around the Rez.  $647,593 is the amount currently available, which would not cover all desired improvements; therefore, the staff will prioritize the improvements.

 - Spending of $8,670 was approved for a littoral survey of the Rez.

 - The Board discussed termination of the wastewater contract with the City of Jackson, and to join with the West Rankin Utility Authority in the construction of a new facility. The Board voted to support the WRUA's actions, and the vote passed unanimously.

 - The Board approved an engineering proposal for $850,000 in improvements to Timberlake Campground.  Projects in the proposal include improved lighting, street resurfacing, a walking trail within Lakeshore Park, a new entrance for the Rez YMCA and a floating dock.

 - The Board approved a grant agreement which would completely fund the placement of solar powered recyclable trash compactors at Timberlake Campground, Turtle Point Nature Area and Rankin Landing boat ramp.  The grant was secured by Keep the Rez Beautiful.

 - The Board is seeking a new electrical contractor for the PRVWSD.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

***Scary Situation in Avalon Last Night*** UPDATE

Kingfish has additional information, including photos and a press release from Sheriff Bailey on the situation.  See the link here.

This is circulating around Facebook and was shared by Sheriff Bailey.  From an Avalon Homeowner's Facebook Page:

So this is the second time I have been woken up to someone trying to open the front door/snooping around the house in the last several months. In Avalon on Sherwood Drive Just before 1:30 am this morning, I caught this man looking thru the garage window, side windows, front windows, and pulling back the side of the garage door to look in the garage. He was dropped off by a light colored mini van in front of my house . He was on the phone with the driver of the mini van.... When he saw my cameras, you can see him running back to the mini van but the driver had left him. They met up around the corner and then the man came back and the mini van left the scene. I held him at gun point and called Rankin County Sheriffs. The man fled and was immediately picked up by a light colored soft top jeep wrangler late 2000s model in front of my house. Rankin County was unable to locate them. The man told me he thought his friend lived here. African American, late 20s to late 30s, beard with medium length hair cut. Please contact Rankin SO if you have or get any information. Be safe out there.

New Amenities Coming to the Rez

Media Release
For Immediate Release
21 July 2016

Barnett to add recreational amenities

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District today announced its intentions to enhance recreational amenities at the 33,000-acre Barnett Reservoir.

Included are three new American Disabilities Act-compliant comfort stations — one each at Lakeshore Park in Rankin County and Old Trace Park in Ridgeland, and a third adjacent to the boat ramp at Coal Bluff Water Park on the upper river area.

To accommodate the fastest growing user group, new kayak ramps will be added at Pelahatchie Shore Park in Pelahatchie Bay, Brown’s Landing on the north end of the main lake and upriver at Ratliff Ferry.

“We are happy to add the new facilities to fill the needs of the recreational users of the reservoir,” said Jack Winstead, chairman of the PRVWSD board of directors. “The comfort stations are located at two of our most popular parks and will be located in areas where the people gather. The other one, at Coal Bluff, will put a facility right on the river where boaters will have access between Lowhead Dam and Ratliff Ferry, and that is something we’ve needed for a long time.”

Winstead said the three kayak launches, similar to the one built at Turtle Point in Pelahatchie Bay two years ago, are necessary to meet the growing needs of an expanding user group.

“There’s no doubt that kayaking is getting bigger every year, and these new sites will open a lot of water for them,” he said. “The launches will provide access to the river and the upper main lake.”
With Tuesday’s action, PRVWSD will proceed to a bidding process on the two different projects (comfort stations, kayak launches). The new facilities should be ready by the spring of 2017.

This week, PRVWSD crews are putting the finishing touches on the installation of the final floating pier at the Goshen Springs Landing on Highway 43, the lake’s busiest boat ramp.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Benefit for Families of Accident Victims

From the Principal of Madison-Ridgeland Academy, where the children involved in the accident attend:
The Cottonwoods Home Owners’ Association is hosting a BBQ fundraiser benefiting the Kirby, Horton, Madeo and Price families, whose children were involved in a severe automobile accident on July 4th.
  The fundraiser, which will include food provided by Outback Steakhouse and a silent auction, will be held on August 6, 2016 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the McClain Lodge, located at 314 Clark Creek Road in Brandon, MS 39047.  Tickets are $15.00 and all of the proceeds will go to the families. Tickets are being offered for sale at MRA’s front office (facing Old Canton).  Office Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Friday.  Any checks written should be made payable to Bank Plus. Those who would like to volunteer to help sell tickets, contribute to the silent auction, and/or help at the event in any way, please text or call Lana Gillon (601-927-4927) or Roxanne Case (601-832-1251). 

Rumor Mill

Buffalo Wild Wings is coming to Dogwood near BancorpSouth.
A convenience store is coming to the empty lot on Old Fannin Road across from Spann Road (where the fireworks tent is set up).
I'm working on figuring out what is currently being built in front of Table 100.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

PRVWSD Board Agenda

AT 9:30 A.M. ON THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016

1. Opening prayer

2. Pledge of Allegiance – W. C. Gorden

3. Request for acceptance of Minutes from the regular meeting held on June 16, 2016.

4. Commissioning of Reservoir Police Officer candidates: Slayton Scott Duncan and Christopher Chase Foster.

5. Committee Recommendations:

Shoreline Development and Environmental Quality Committee:

I. Acceptance of Real Estate Appraisal Services proposal.

II. Approval of Project Closeout and Final Change Order for construction contract with Wilco, Inc. for seawall construction project.

Parks Policy Committee:

I. Approval contract with Joseph Orr, Architect, for design of three ADA compliant comfort stations: Coal Bluff Boat Ramp, Old Trace Park and Lakeshore Park.

II. Approval for Request for Bids for three kayak launches to be located at Pelahatchie Shore Park, Brown’s Landing and Ratliff Ferry.

6. Approval of FY2018 Budget and Authorization of submission to Legislative Budget Committee.

7. Approval of Per Diem and Travel Report for June 2016.

8. Approval of Cash Balance Report.

9. Approval of July 2016 Docket.

10. Discussion of Solicitation of Qualified Depository or extension of current depository.

11. Committee Minutes and Miscellaneous Correspondence.

12. Executive Director’s comments.

13. Next Regular Meeting August 18, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. at the main office of PRVWSD.

14. Meeting adjourned

Full Media Release on Lane Closure

Barnett Reservoir
Spillway Road

Beginning at around 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 19th, the upper Spillway Road traffic (headed into Ridgeland) on the dam will be down to one lane as crews repair an area of road and paving around the control tower. The work is anticipated to take 4 days to complete. Expect lane closures between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day of the repair. The bike trail on the upper road will be closed for the duration of these repairs.

**Cards (and Benefit) for Chuck** Updated

Another post from Northwest Rankin Cougars' Facebook page about superfan and Rez staple, Chuck Jefcoat:

We are humbled by how much the NWR Family has responded to our post about Chuck. As I write this almost 30,000 individuals have been reached and the post has been shared nearly 400 times. Many people have asked if there is anything you can do to help - in talking to the family, what they have requested and what we believe will mean the most to Chuck - is a "Cards for Chuck" campaign. Chuck loves cards (sympathy, thank you, all occasion, etc), especially cards with "nice things" written inside. Please help us share support to Chuck by taking the time to fill out a card - whether sharing a memory of Chuck, offering sympathy or letting him know how much we look forward to seeing him during Friday night football - and send all cards to: Chuck Jefcoat, 450 Bay Pointe Circle, Brandon, MS 39047 - and we will make sure he gets each and every card. ‪#‎Family‬

Now, the Wesley Scarborough Foundation has started a Benefit for Chuck to raise $10,000.00.  In just the little time today it has been up, the drive has raised $1,155.00

McB's Steps Up Big

h/t to The Lakeside Ace

Monday, July 18, 2016

Prayers for Chuck Jefcoat's Loss

Reprinted from the Northwest Rankin Cougars' Facebook page:

If you have ever played sports, watched sports or just attended a sporting event at Northwest Rankin, you have probably seen Chuck. Charles "Chuck" Jefcoat is a graduate of NWR and he continues to be the Cougars #1 Fan. Last night, due to an extended illness, Chuck lost his mother. For those of you who know Chuck and would like to pay your respects or just show him our support (cause he has always shown us his support), the funeral will be held at 2PM tomorrow (July 19) at St. Marks United Methodist Church located at 400 Grants Ferry Road.

Spillway Road Down to One Lane Tomorrow

Public Service Announcement:  Beginning at around 9 a.m. tomorrow, upper Spillway Road (headed into Ridgeland) on the dam will be down to one lane as crews patch an area around the control tower. The work is anticipated to take 4 days.

PRVWSD Parks Policy Committee Agenda

Monday, July 18, 2016 4:00 p.m.

1. Approval of minutes of June 13, 2016 meeting.

2. Approval of contract with Joseph Orr, Architect, for design of three ADA compliant comfort stations: Coal Bluff Boat Ramp, Old Trace Park and Lakeshore Park.

3. Approval for Request for Proposals for three kayak launches to be located at Pelahatchie Shore Park, Brown’s Landing and Ratliff Ferry. Installation by PRVWSD forces.

PRVWSD Shoreline Development Committee Agenda

Monday, July 18, 2016 3:30 p.m.

1. Approval of minutes of June 13, 2016 meeting.

2. Property Maintenance Report for June/July 2016.

3. Real Estate Appraisal Services proposals recommendation of acceptance.

4. Lot 22 Lost Rabbit review of offers received.

5. Approval of Project Closeout and Final Change Order for construction contract with Wilco, Inc. for seawall construction project.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Lakeside Pres Men's Prayer Breakfast

Lakeside Presbyterian Church's monthly Men's Prayer Breakfast is tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. at the church.  Good opportunity to meet the new preacher.

Accident at Rez Shopping Center

So this just happened at the Fannin Shopping Center by Godfather's Cigars and Fernando's. Thankfully, no injuries to report.

Overlay District Complaint Form

Remember the Overlay District and the change it was to bring to neglected properties?  It's still there, and you still have the opportunity to use the ordinances contained therein to remediate nuisance properties.

If you live on PRVWSD leasehold land, below is the complaint form you can fill out and submit to report problem properties.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New RCSD Car Tag

Here is the new RCSD car tag. It's part of the District's rebranding.  Head down to the Tax Collector's office and pick one up.

Weekly Reader Articles

Those articles of interest to the Rez are include:

 -- New Highway 471 bridge opens; old bridge coming down July 16.  Traveling South on 471 from the Rez, heading to Brandon proper, you can now turn onto the new section of 471 near Speer's Crossing. That new section goes between Speer's Crossing and the commercial establishments on 471 (Shell Station, Hometown Veterinarian, Frederick's Sales and Service, etc.).  The road jumps Value Road and the train tracks, completely circumvents Reckitt Benckiser and Gold Coast, parallels the existing 471 while crossing the interstate, and eventually hooks back up at the College Street intersection.

 -- Golf tourney raises $38,000 for charity.  Mayor Rhoads and his team at the City of Flowood raised a ton for Safe Families for Children during this year's Mayor's Cup Golf Tournament.  That tournament is a machine.

 -- Suspect who hit deputy's patrol car charged with DUI mayhem.  Some guy named Nehemias Abraham Tema-Lopez was so drunk, he hit a Sheriff's deputy's car near the Highway 43/Old Highway 43 intersection in Sandhill.  The deputy had to undergo surgery for injuries to his elbow. Nehemias is undocumented, had no license nor proof of insurance, so he has been held without bond by Rankin County.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Rez PD is Appreciated

St. Mark's UMC Youth show love to the Reservoir Police Department.  From the Rez PD Facebook Page:


By any measure this has been a tough week for Law Enforcement. With the ambush and assassination of the Dallas Police Officers and then the creditable threats for more attacks on Law Enforcement this weekend, this week has weighted on the minds of every cop.

I, myself attempted to get out of town after our busy Fourth of July weekend but ended up glued to the news and in communication with those back at home wanting to know they were prepared for any situation and most of all, safe. As I drove many hours today my mind remained heavy with concern.

After arriving home I got a huge lump in my throat as I read the words below and viewed the attached picture in a text from one of my officers working this evening;
"St. Mark's UMC Youth brought three different kinds of cookies and prayed for us at the office."

Thank you to the St. Marks UMC Youth and to this wonderful community that really cares as much about our officers as much as I do.

NWR Stadium Work Commences

From @nwrathletics Twitter Page:

MSU Summer Extravaganza

The Central Mississippi Chapter invites all Bulldog fans to the 39th annual Summer Extravaganza

Thursday, July 21

Doors open - 5:30 p.m. 
Program begins - 7 p.m.

Mississippi Coliseum
1207 Mississippi Street
Jackson, MS
$10 per adult
Free for all students and children, including MSU college students.

The program will feature guest speakers

Extravaganza includes:

  • MSU Coaches, player autographs
  • MSU Cheerleaders & Bully
  • Kids Zone
  • Vendors
  • Door prizes - including autographed items
  • Recognition of the Central Miss. Chapter scholarship recipients

Get fired up and ready for the 2016 season at the Extravaganza!

Southern Miss All Star Party

You and your family are invited to join the Central Mississippi Chapter of the Southern Miss Alumni Association for the 33rd Annual Jackson All-Star Party presented by Keesler Federal Credit Union on Thursday, July 21, 2016, at 5:30 p.m. at the Mississippi Trade Mart located at 1207 Mississippi Street in Jackson. 

Head Football Coach Jay Hopson, assistant coaches, Golden Eagle football players, Seymour and cheerleaders will be present as we kick off the 2016 football season. The party will feature a funland for children, live music and a silent auction! All proceeds support the chapter's scholarship endowment for local students attending Southern Miss.

Tickets are $10 per person or $25 per family and dinner is included. To pre-purchase tickets by Wednesday, July 20, go to or call the Alumni Association at 601.266.5013. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. 

This event is sponsored by Keesler Federal Credit Union, Atmos Energy, Bank Plus, Mugshots, Campbell's Bakery, LuVel Ice Cream and Kalalou. 

For more information, contact Sarah Moulder at or Lauren Richards at

Rebel Road Trip

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Get Scared at the Natural Science Museum

My kids enjoy the new exhibit at the Natural Science Museum; more so than a few of the past exhibits. It's called "Goosebumps", and is an exploration of the things that frighten us, and how living creatures react when startled. Fight or flight stuff.  If you haven't taken the kids to see the exhibit, the heat of the Summer is a good time.  It's air conditioned in there.

Here is the schedule of the upcoming Fun Fridays. I believe these special programs run from 10 a.m. to noon on the dates noted:

Fun Fridays are interactive, hands-on programs in conjunction with our current exhibit, "Goosebumps: The Science of Fear" on Fridays. July 15"Fight, Flight, or Freeze" Learn how animals communicate their own signs of fear. July 22"Swamp Things" What is wooded, dark, watery, and the stage for more than a few scary movies? Swamps! Explore a few of the phobia inducing aspects of the swamp. July 29"A Smorgasbord of Fear" What frightens you and why? Face an array of fears presented in the "Goose Bumps: The Science of Fear" exhibit, with the museum's teen volunteers as your guides! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Alligator Hunting Season Approaches

From the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks:
Public water alligator hunting permits are available for purchase on a first-come-first-serve basis online at beginning July 19 at 9 a.m.  A total of 920 permits will be available for seven hunting zones across the state for the ten-day season (August 26 - September 5). To be eligible to purchase an alligator hunting permit you must be at least 16 years of age and possess one of the following valid resident licenses prior to July 19: Sportsman License, All-Game Hunting/Fishing License, Small Game Hunting/Fishing License, Apprentice Sportsman License, Apprentice All Game License, Apprentice Small Game License, Senior Exempt License, Disabled Exempt License, or Lifetime License. 

New RCSD Webpage

The Rankin County School District recently revamped its online webpages, including the sites for the individual schools.  If you click over to explore, it could take you a while; the website is chock full of information, including Dr. Townsend's 2016 Transition Plan, District financials, and information for parents.

New NWR High School page.
New NWR Middle School page.
New NWR Elementary School page.
New Highland Bluff Elementary page.
New Oakdale Elementary page.
New Flowood Elementary page.
New Northshore Elementary page.
New Pisgah Elementary page.
New Pisgah High School page.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Goodbye Sway's, Hello Old Fannin Restaurant

Sway's Bistro will be closing briefly later this month.  They will be closed for only a few days while they remodel the restaurant.  They are expanding to the suite next door, adding a large bar (in anticipation of serving liquor), repainting, and re-branding the restaurant as Old Fannin Restaurant. Changes will be made to the menu (but they will keep the Crawfish Rolls).  They already have a webpage, check it out here.  Check out the new menu here.

Update on the Rez Dog Park

WJTV recently ran a spot on the Rez Dog Park and its current status.
Dog owner Debbie Waggener takes a peek into the not so distant future, “It’s going to be a place where you can take your dog off leash, and he can run in a safe environment. It’s all fenced in. There is going to be a large dog and a small dog area.”
A proper dog park needs those fences and water stations. Those will cost about $31,000. Friends of the park have raised more than $6,600 so far.
Memorial bricks are helping pave the way.
They range from $100 to $200.
The bricks are perfect for pet memorials or inspirational messages.
Debbie lays it out like this, “We need a lot of people to come and help, but we need some donations. Even if it takes 1 brick at a time, we are willing to work really hard for this, and if it takes 30 months, we’ll be here doing that.”
Read the full story here.

Dog Park Facebook Page.

Here's the GoFundMe Page.

Buy a Rez Dog Park product here.

One of My Favorites This Weekend

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekly Leader Stories

A few interesting headlines from this week's edition of the Weekly Leader:

 - Teenager killed in wreck July 4.  All you can do is pray without ceasing for those affected.

 - New construction on East Metro begins. The paper contains a big map, showing the progress of the Parkway.  You can see how it will tie-in with Crossgates Blvd. at Old Brandon Road.

 - Northwest Rankin soccer camp begins July 11.  From 8 a.m. to noon on July 11-14, at Cougar Stadium.  Cost is $85 for U4-U5, and $125 for U6-U11.  Call Dean Joseph at 601.946.9928 for more info.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Open Thread on Rez Independence Day Celebration

I'm opening a thread on the Barnett Reservoir Foundation's Independence Day Celebration.  For those in attendance (and there were lots), explain what you liked and didn't like, or just say something.  The Foundation would appreciate your feedback, good or ill.  I'll go first:

I attended the Lakeshore Park festivities from 6:30 p.m. to post-fireworks.  I liked the beer garden. The folks working the garden were friendly, it was large enough to roam, the beer was ice cold, and it was close to the action.  Great addition that hopefully raised a lot of money for the Foundation.  The Dylan Moss band sounded great.  The classic car show was entertaining, and the fireworks were wonderful.  I also liked having the State Guard involved along with the Rez Police and Sheriff's Department. I felt safe and traffic control was was orderly as it could be with limited parking and only one exit.  Props to all the first responders working the event.  They were out in the heat for long hours, keeping us safe.  I appreciate all of you.

I disliked having just Hungry Howies and Takem Outem as the food vendors.  Their food is fine, but it shouldn't take over an hour to get it.  Either the Foundation needs to use a vendor who can handle larger crowds, or use multiple vendors.  I also disliked that folks couldn't bring their own water in. When the food vendors run out of water early on a hot, Summer day, people need to be able to bring in their own. That's an easy health decision.

My "dislikes" pale in comparison to how much I enjoyed the event.  My family had a great time. Thank you to the Foundation for helping to bring a sense of community to the Rez.

How to Help the Families Involved in This Tragedy

From the Flowood Chamber:

The Chamber of Flowood is deeply saddened by the tragic accident yesterday in our community. 

Our office (115 Laurel Park Cove, Ste 108, Flowood, MS 39232) is serving as the drop-off location for items to be used in the waiting room for the Price, Horton and Madeo families. Suggested items are snacks, drinks and gift cards to local eateries.  Local eateries include: Sal & Mookies, Keifers, The Pig & Pint, Babalu, Back Yard Burger, McDonald's, Subway, Saltine, and Cups.
(Please note: Chick-fil-a gift cards cannot be used in the UMC cafeteria Chick-fil-a) 

If you have questions please contact:
The Chamber of Flowood-601-932-8007
Melissa Skaggs-601-813-6936

Teen Dies in 4th of July Wreck at Rez

Sad, sad news over the 4th of July Weekend.  A local teen was killed after a Jeep Wrangler he and three friends were riding in flipped. The accident occurred on Fannin Landing Circle at around 5:20 p.m. yesterday. The other three were taken to UMC in critical condition.  Tragic news.  Parents' worst fear because it could happen to any family at any time.

WJTV story.
WAPT story.
WLBT story.
Jackson Jambalaya

Friday, July 1, 2016

Register Your Cell Phone on the No Call List

Beginning today, celebrate your cell phone's independence from unwanted solicitors.  For years, the Mississippi Public Service Commission has maintained a "No Call List" for residential landlines. Today, that "No Call List" expands to cell phones.  So, go to this link to register online, or simply call this number and register over the phone: 866.622.5567.

Registering your number does not stop all solicitation calls, but it will significantly reduce them. There are a ton of exemptions, specifically:

 - Car dealers;
 - Insurance agents;
 - Investment advisers;
 - Charitable organizations;
 - Newspapers (wuh?)
 - Local banks;
 - Funeral homes (of course);
 - A company with an established business relationship with the person being called.

Also exempted are entities that do not make a major sales presentation on the call, or who do not try to complete the sale during the call.  As a lawyer, that constitutes a charcoal gray area.  I'd like to know what the lobbyist legislators had in mind when they passed that portion of the law.

Registering today also does not affect incoming calls until September 1, 2016, It takes that long for the removal request to take effect.

If you receive a non-exempt call once your phone number is effective (say, in September), you should fill out this online complaint form, or mail said form to: Mississippi Public Service Commission, Mississippi No Call Program, Post Office Box 1174, Jackson, MS 39215-1174.

MS State Guard to Assist With Rez Independence Celebration

Below is a press release concerning the Mississippi State Guard's role in the upcoming Independence Celebration at the Rez.  Not being fully familiar with the Mississippi State Guard, I educated myself, and added a bit of information at the end of the post.

Brandon, Ms. -- The Mississippi State Guard has been assigned to provide security assistance at the Ross Barnett Reservoir Foundation's "Independence Celebration at The REZ". The event will be held on July 2, 2016 at Old Trace and Lakeshore Parks. The Mississippi State Guard will be assisting the Reservoir Police, the Rankin County Sheriff's Department, and possibly the Madison County Sheriff's Department in a security and logistics capacity.
 The Mississippi State Guard (MSSG) operates under the Mississippi Military Department, serving the State of Mississippi as a cadre force under the supervision of the Mississippi Military Department.
 While the MSSG's primary mission is disaster response, they proudly assist government agencies, law enforcement, and the community at large when needed.

For those as ignorant of the Mississippi State Guard as I was, here is a little information on the organization (from the MS State Guard's website):

The Mississippi State Guard is an all-volunteer organization tasked with supplementing the forces of the Mississippi Army National Guard and/or Air National Guard upon the order of the Governor of the State of Mississippi through the Adjutant General of the State of Mississippi. While its primary mission is to assist in coping with any man-made or natural disaster, the MSSG trains to be ready to meet any assignment. As a State Guard Unit, it is not subject to any federal authority, with regard to assignment and/or control.