Tuesday, July 19, 2016

**Cards (and Benefit) for Chuck** Updated

Another post from Northwest Rankin Cougars' Facebook page about superfan and Rez staple, Chuck Jefcoat:

We are humbled by how much the NWR Family has responded to our post about Chuck. As I write this almost 30,000 individuals have been reached and the post has been shared nearly 400 times. Many people have asked if there is anything you can do to help - in talking to the family, what they have requested and what we believe will mean the most to Chuck - is a "Cards for Chuck" campaign. Chuck loves cards (sympathy, thank you, all occasion, etc), especially cards with "nice things" written inside. Please help us share support to Chuck by taking the time to fill out a card - whether sharing a memory of Chuck, offering sympathy or letting him know how much we look forward to seeing him during Friday night football - and send all cards to: Chuck Jefcoat, 450 Bay Pointe Circle, Brandon, MS 39047 - and we will make sure he gets each and every card. ‪#‎Family‬

Now, the Wesley Scarborough Foundation has started a Benefit for Chuck to raise $10,000.00.  In just the little time today it has been up, the drive has raised $1,155.00

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