Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Open Thread on Rez Independence Day Celebration

I'm opening a thread on the Barnett Reservoir Foundation's Independence Day Celebration.  For those in attendance (and there were lots), explain what you liked and didn't like, or just say something.  The Foundation would appreciate your feedback, good or ill.  I'll go first:

I attended the Lakeshore Park festivities from 6:30 p.m. to post-fireworks.  I liked the beer garden. The folks working the garden were friendly, it was large enough to roam, the beer was ice cold, and it was close to the action.  Great addition that hopefully raised a lot of money for the Foundation.  The Dylan Moss band sounded great.  The classic car show was entertaining, and the fireworks were wonderful.  I also liked having the State Guard involved along with the Rez Police and Sheriff's Department. I felt safe and traffic control was was orderly as it could be with limited parking and only one exit.  Props to all the first responders working the event.  They were out in the heat for long hours, keeping us safe.  I appreciate all of you.

I disliked having just Hungry Howies and Takem Outem as the food vendors.  Their food is fine, but it shouldn't take over an hour to get it.  Either the Foundation needs to use a vendor who can handle larger crowds, or use multiple vendors.  I also disliked that folks couldn't bring their own water in. When the food vendors run out of water early on a hot, Summer day, people need to be able to bring in their own. That's an easy health decision.

My "dislikes" pale in comparison to how much I enjoyed the event.  My family had a great time. Thank you to the Foundation for helping to bring a sense of community to the Rez.


Anonymous said...

Agree completely with the blog post. I attended the Lakeshore Park side.

The band was good. The fireworks were great. Enjoyed the cars. Glad there were kids activities. Plenty of parking and a good traffic plan.

The number of food vendors was woefully inadequate. Previous years had several vendors. This year had two.

My only other complaint is the constraints on beer. Why did there have to be a fenced in area? I couldn't hang out with family & friends and drink beer too. Beer should have been consumable throughout the park. Wrist bands or stamps could have been used to maintain control over drinking age enforcement. Beer is consumeable throughout public property on Gameday at our college campuses. It is available in restaurants. It should have been available in a 200 yard larger radius (roughly the size of the park) on July 2nd.

Anonymous said...

As a member of the Foundation, I'd like to address some of the kind comments and due complaints.
1. I am glad you enjoyed the event; we worked hard to get it done in both parks.
2. We were open to as many food vendors as wanted to come, and were disappointed to have had only two in each park. We had several others interested but because of the long 3-day weekend, they were either (1) shorthanded, (2) had just enough manpower to operate their main business, or (3) had one that had an equipment problem.
3. We did not intend to sell water, thinking we should not compete with our vendors. That is something we may have to consider in the future, unless the vendors assure us they will have plenty.
4. As for the beer gardens, under law that is what we must adhere to. We need to find a shady place close to the stages perhaps.
5. You can hang out with your friends while having a beer; there is no restriction of them joining you in the beer garden. At Old Trace, where I helped vend beer, we did lose some sales to people who didn't want to be restricted, but got some of them back when I told them they were welcome to bring the others inside, where they put down their chairs and blankets and enjoyed the evening.
6. The PRVWSD staff is to be congratulated on the great job they did making this event possible. They worked long and hard over a holiday week and then weekend to see it ran smoothly, and then after that the parks were cleaned and ready for the next day's public use.
7. We want this event to continue to grow and love/need the critiques, as much as we'd love/need more sponsors. Help us grow, not only the event and the Foundation, but also the Reservoir Community.

Bobby Cleveland
Board member, Barnett Reservoir Foundation

Troy Odom said...

Thanks, Bobby, for the explanation. Thank you also for the long hours you put in to growing this event (and all the other events the Foundation puts on).

Anonymous said...

I attended the Old Trace Park event and really enjoyed it. The music was great and I didn't have an issue getting something to eat or drink. Congrats to those who worked to put this together.

Anonymous said...

It's extremely sad that so many people mistakenly believe beer must be involved in every activity. But then, look at the moral decay that is facing this country.