Monday, July 25, 2016

PRVWSD Board Minutes for June 2016

Below are the minutes from the regular PRVWSD Board of Directors' meeting in June 2016. There is a lot to digest here.  Highlights include:

 - Six waterfront lots in the Gardens of Windward Bluff were reconstituted to form 4 larger lots to make them easier to market.

 - The Board approved MDOT's Memorandum of Understanding which discussed grant funding for a variety of improvements to existing facilities at various locations around the Rez.  $647,593 is the amount currently available, which would not cover all desired improvements; therefore, the staff will prioritize the improvements.

 - Spending of $8,670 was approved for a littoral survey of the Rez.

 - The Board discussed termination of the wastewater contract with the City of Jackson, and to join with the West Rankin Utility Authority in the construction of a new facility. The Board voted to support the WRUA's actions, and the vote passed unanimously.

 - The Board approved an engineering proposal for $850,000 in improvements to Timberlake Campground.  Projects in the proposal include improved lighting, street resurfacing, a walking trail within Lakeshore Park, a new entrance for the Rez YMCA and a floating dock.

 - The Board approved a grant agreement which would completely fund the placement of solar powered recyclable trash compactors at Timberlake Campground, Turtle Point Nature Area and Rankin Landing boat ramp.  The grant was secured by Keep the Rez Beautiful.

 - The Board is seeking a new electrical contractor for the PRVWSD.


Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that this MDOT mou is a way to move monies that were intended for another use. This money was obtained by Trent Lott for a totally different use. Why has PRV done such a masterful job of not mentioning this? I would ask why such a clandestine and less than transparent ruse used?

Anonymous said...

About the $850k for Timberlake Campground improvements…

Is Timberlake Campground truly a campground?

When I moved to the Rez community several years ago, it looked more like an RV park. But now I am convinced it’s more like a mobile home park except it has RV units rather than actual mobile homes. I visit Lakeshore Park at least three times a month. Over the years I have noticed what appears to be many of the same RV units in the same place. Many "RVs" have decks built around them. Are there kids living there? Do they attend RCSD schools? Are school taxes paid? Are all of these RVs visiting the Rez or are many of them ‘permanent’ households?

I digress.

Anyway, I assume the campground generates income for PRV. If so, can't the Campground, as an entity, self-fund its improvements? Or perhaps borrow against future net income to fund the improvements. If it does not have the funds to do that not why not pass along the costs to the people that will benefit from the improvements? That would be the tenants/residents of the campground, not lease hold community at large.

Hopefully I am wrong about this but to summarize … I don't agree with PRV using "lease hold fees" to make improvement to an income generating business. A business that does not benefit me as a leasehold paying property owner.

Anonymous said...

I have also wondered about the permanent residents of Timberlake Campground.

Not only are the prime sites setup with semi-permanent structures, school buses also run through the campground. It appears more like a Tax-Free community with a few off water camping spots. It seems like a great way to keep from paying leasehold fees and county taxes to support the schools.