Friday, July 1, 2016

Register Your Cell Phone on the No Call List

Beginning today, celebrate your cell phone's independence from unwanted solicitors.  For years, the Mississippi Public Service Commission has maintained a "No Call List" for residential landlines. Today, that "No Call List" expands to cell phones.  So, go to this link to register online, or simply call this number and register over the phone: 866.622.5567.

Registering your number does not stop all solicitation calls, but it will significantly reduce them. There are a ton of exemptions, specifically:

 - Car dealers;
 - Insurance agents;
 - Investment advisers;
 - Charitable organizations;
 - Newspapers (wuh?)
 - Local banks;
 - Funeral homes (of course);
 - A company with an established business relationship with the person being called.

Also exempted are entities that do not make a major sales presentation on the call, or who do not try to complete the sale during the call.  As a lawyer, that constitutes a charcoal gray area.  I'd like to know what the lobbyist legislators had in mind when they passed that portion of the law.

Registering today also does not affect incoming calls until September 1, 2016, It takes that long for the removal request to take effect.

If you receive a non-exempt call once your phone number is effective (say, in September), you should fill out this online complaint form, or mail said form to: Mississippi Public Service Commission, Mississippi No Call Program, Post Office Box 1174, Jackson, MS 39215-1174.


Anonymous said...

A "Do Not Call" list is like gun control. It only stops the legitimate users. Out of the 40 million complaints filed nationally, action has been taken in 101 cases IN THE LAST 10 YEARS! 0.00025% Of course Mississippi might do a better job than the fed. We might go after 0.0003% of violators.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info -- got mine all registered. Wonder if it will stop that pesky fax machine that calls me NUMEROUS times a week! UGH!